Elementary Christmas Service Project

This holiday, LRCA Elementary will be partnering with Immerse AR, for the Elementary buildings service project. Immerse AR is a ministry that supports youth who are aging out of the foster system in our state. There are many youth who are living on the streets of our city and Immerse has asked LRCA if we would help supply items to give out to these youth at Christmas this year. Each classroom is being asked to bring in one specific item to go in the backpacks for these youth. We will be collecting the items the week of our Thankful Feasts; boxes for the donated items will be outside the Elementary Office the week of November 13th-17th, please drop your items there.

This is what each class is being asked to bring in:

  • Carlisle- Individually packaged beef jerky
  • Ridings (PK3)- Individually packaged beef jerky
  • Rivers- Individually packaged beef jerky
  • Wingfield- Individually packaged beef jerky
  • Cohu- adult size gloves
  • Gunther- adult size gloves
  • McDonald- adult size gloves
  • Price- adult size gloves
  • Ridings (PK4)- adult size gloves
  • Penick- Travel size tooth paste
  • Parker- Travel size tooth paste
  • Hart- Travel size tooth paste
  • Campbell- Travel size deodorant
  • Crews- Travel size deodorant
  • Hogan- Travel size deodorant
  • Otis- Travel size hand sanitizer
  • Sanders- Travel size hand sanitizer
  • Williams- Travel size hand sanitizer
  • Wood- Travel size tissues
  • Rutherford- Travel size tissues
  • Rosenthal- Travel size tissues
  • Nwokoro- Chapstick
  • Courtney- Chapstick
  • White- Chapstick
  • Whitesell- Chapstick
  • Wilkie- Peanut Butter Crackers (individually packaged)
  • Berryhill- Peanut Butter Crackers (individually packaged)
  • Domogala- Peanut Butter Crackers (individually packaged)
  • Berryhill- Peanut Butter Crackers (individually packaged)
  • Griffin- Peanut Butter Crackers (individually packaged)
  • Griffin- adult size gloves
  • Meeks- adult size gloves

Thanks in advance for helping to serve the least of these, who are often forgotten in our city.

If you have questions please contact Courtney Head at courtneyhead81@gmail.com or 912-5456.

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