Junior High All Region Bands

Congratulations to the following students for making the ASBOA Region I Junior High All Region Bands!
  • Libby Carpenter -9th grade/Oboe (1st Band, 2nd Chair: 2nd Overall)
  • Jacob Morrison-9th grade/Trumpet (1st Band, 5th Chair: 5th Overall)
  • Alex Bratton-9th grade/Tuba (2nd Band, 1st Chair: 9th Overall)
    *Double All Region Placement 2017-18
  • Veronica Ivester-7th grade/Flute (2nd Band, 5th Chair: 17 Overall)
  • Ashley Ligon-9th grade/Clarinet (1st Band, 19 Chair: 19th Overall)
  • Jenna Johnson-8th grade/Percussion (2nd Band, 11th Chair: 23rd Overall)
  • Asher Hodges-7th grade/Bari Sax (2nd Alternate: 6th Overall)
18 Warrior instrumentalist have made the All Region groups so far this year.
SR 10th-12th Grade All Region Band auditions are held in January.

All Region JH & SR Orchestra 2017-18

  • Lili Jones- Violin (10th)
  • Madi Stearns-Violin (11th)
  • Jacquelynn Horsey-Viola (11th)
  • Katelyn Lyle-Violin (9th)
  • Isabella Adeola-Violin (8th)
  • Paul Douglass-Violin (8th)
  • Jewelia Black-Violin (9th)
  • Helen Pittman-Cello (9th)
  • Emelia Belin-Oboe (12th)
  • John Ivester-French horn (12th)
  • Will Walther-French horn (12th)
  • Alex Bratton-Tuba (9th)

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