YouScience Aptitude Testing for LRCA students

Little Rock Christian has recently partnered with YouScience, creator of the innovative new program called the YouScience Profile. YouScience is an exciting new tool for us, and it is being offered directly to our families at no additional cost. With this program, students will discover their unique set of God-given abilities through the revolutionary intersection of aptitudes, interests, and personality. It is a completely new way to understand where your student will succeed, and it allows us to deliver even more effective and accurate guidance.

The online, scientific program takes students through a series of assessments and interest questions, designed to determine their results in the nine key aptitudes utilized in the working world. The results include a review of the student's strengths, suggested environments where they will succeed, detailed information on possible careers that match those skills and interests, majors that map to those careers, and much more. Our College Guidance team will then be available to help students review and interpret the comprehensive results.

Research has shown that results are most accurate for students age 15 and older. The process for our sophomore students will begin on October 5th with an introductory student meeting during APP. We will then use three APP periods (October 16th, 17th, and 23rd) to administer the assessment. For our junior and senior students, we will detail the process on Tuesday, October 3 during APP. They will then have ten days to complete the assessment at home. Results will be available within 24-48 hours of completion.

Based on the research behind YouScience and our review of the program, we believe this valuable tool will help students make more informed decisions when it comes to major and career-related choices. This could translate into a more cost-effective and enjoyable journey through the college years, as well as help our students make better initial career choices.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions. We look forward to partnering with you this school year.

Carla Kenyon and Sarah Jones

LRCA Office of College Guidance

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