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Thanks to common grace, there is much to learn from experts regardless of their faith.

Case in point: the last page of the January issue of Independent School magazine reprinted a summary piece from expert child psychologist Madeline Levine entitled, "Ten Resolutions for Becoming a More Grateful Parent."

Flip through these ten golden rules of parenting and see if they resonate with you.

I vote YES to all ten.

In this season of new year resolutions, these golden rules may be the best place to start new habits.

- Gary Arnold, EdD - LRCA Head of School

Ten Resolutions for Becoming a More Grateful Parent by Madeline Levine

About the Author: Madeline Levine, PhD is a nationally known psychologist with over 25 years of experience as a clinician, consultant, and educator. Her New York Times best-selling book, The Price of Privilege, explores the reasons why teenagers from affluent families are experiencing epidemic rates of emotional problems. Her follow-up book, Teach Your Children Well, focuses on expanding our current narrow and shortsighted view of success and providing concrete strategies for parents who hope to see their children grow up to be both successful and healthy. Madeline began her career as an elementary and junior high school teacher in the South Bronx of New York before moving to California and earning her degrees in psychology. She has taught child development classes to graduate students at the University of California Medical Center / San Francisco. Madeline lectures extensively to parent, school, and business audiences both nationally and internationally. She is the cofounder of Challenge Success, a project of the Stanford Graduate School of Education.


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