Federal/State Student Aid Information

Important FAFSA Changes

Begin your FAFSA here (Check with your colleges of interest concerning their FAFSA deadlines)

Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarships (Lottery, Governor's Distinguished, Go! Grant) (Deadline for Governor's Distinguished is February 1st. Deadline for Lottery and Go! Grant Scholarships is June 1st - APPLY EARLIER.

ACT/SAT Fee Waivers

If your family receives financial assistance to attend LRCA, please come by the College Guidance office to pick up fee waivers for the ACT and/or SAT tests. These fee waivers include registration fees and you are allowed to use two fee waivers total during your junior and/or senior year.


Please check your schools of interest for their specific deadlines.

  • Grading scale, if asked, is “4 pt. weighted.” The colleges will see that we weigh AP courses on a 5 pt. scale from your transcript.
  • If you are applying to schools utilizing the Common Application, be sure to check for the supplemental requirements for each school. These may be a series of questions or additional essays.
  • Please stop by the College Guidance Office if you have any questions about completing your applications.

Recommendation Request Guidelines

1. Please ask the teacher or counselor about writing a recommendation for you at least two to three weeks before it is due. Do not just have the college send an e-mail saying the recommendation is needed.

2. Tell the teacher/counselor (in writing) the date the recommendation is due and provide an addressed, stamped envelope for the recs that need to be mailed.

3. Be sure to give the teacher a resume and completed parent and student recommendation forms. These forms were filled out by those who attended College Boot Camp, but blank copies are in the college guidance office for anyone else needing them.

4. As teachers already have very "full plates" and writing recommendations is not part of their job descriptions, please express your gratitude with a small gift card or at least a thank you note.

5. Always let the person who has written your recommendation know about your admission/scholarship status once you are informed.

Note: For counselor recommendations needed, please follow the same guidelines - except for the gift card part! Writing recommendations is a delightful part of our job description!

Waiving Rights:Check "yes" regarding "waiving rights to see your recommendations." Some applications list these as "FERPA" rights. Be sure to waive these. Schools tend to disregard recommendations they feel the student has been able to see and perhaps alter.

Valuable College Resource!

"Big Future," an incredible College Board college planning resource, is available for students. Go to to check out this valuable website!

Camp Neuro - UAMS

Camp Neuro is a summer camp run by local medical students for students ages 15 and over interested in medical careers.

This camp is being offered in Little Rock July 24 - 28, 2017. For further information, please visit and click on locations to register.

Scholarship Opportunities

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