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Year End Giving

Contributing to LRCA today equips Warriors to be more than college ready.

LRCA, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, relies on charitable donations to remain a competitive educational institution which prepares men and women for college and beyond. Your gift to the Annual Fund provides vital funding for advancements that enable students to excel.

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Celebrating Jesus at Christmas

Christmas in Warriorville is extra special in Elementary. Many of our sacred traditions are established as children welcoming baby Jesus, dressing up and telling the story of the first Christmas, making angel wings and all the beautiful art which now lines the school's hallways.

Celebrating Jesus through the eyes of young children is priceless. Enjoy a current look inside the Elementary Building. #lrcachristmas #jesusisthereason

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PSAT Results

This week, students in grades 8-11 should receive an email allowing them to view their PSAT scores from October. In order to view these scores, students must have an account on the College Board website. Helpful information can be found here.

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Math In Focus

August 2016

Dear Parents of LRCA Kindergarten and Grades One through Seven:

A key target of our upward trek this year is higher ground - higher ground in spiritual maturity and the education we provide.

Based on our own scrutiny and feedback from you, we know where we can do better as a school. Even though we intentionally and persistently work to improve every year, this year we are specifically focusing on math - kindergarten through seventh grade. The breadth and width of our improvement in math will, at the same time, bless our impact in the other three facets of STEM - science, technology and engineering.

Bottom line: we are committing and preparing to lift our K-7 math program to higher ground. Based on a twelve month, rigorous review - including consultation with strong peer benchmarks - we are adopting a proven math curriculum entitled Math in Focus, otherwise known as “Singapore Math.”

Led by Principal Ann Chami and Assistant Principal/Curriculum Specialist LeAnn Murry, a team of K-7 teachers scoured the math terrain for the past year. The trend line is clear. Nationwide, Singapore Math is improving math understanding and math achievement in the strongest schools.

Curriculum changes can be disconcerting at first (not to mention expensive!). Be assured, this is not a random, capricious or restless change. Our research tells us Singapore Math is a superior pathway to solid results in understanding and using mathematics. Since we agree that we can do better, let’s partner in making it happen.

Our teachers are training for the change and our leadership, Ann Chami and LeAnn Murry, just returned from a week in Chicago working with math specialists to prepare for a smooth transition and an effective implementation of Math in Focus at Little Rock Christian Academy.

There will be an orientation meeting for all parents, K-7, who are interested in learning more about the idiosyncrasies of Math in Focus. We invite you to come and learn more about how to partner with us in this endeavor. Math and homework go hand-in-hand so this change will touch your life. That’s a good thing. You will know first-hand that your child’s brain is being stretched and his or her math skills are being sharpened for a very demanding future in a very STEM world.

STEM is not a fad; it’s a reality of the twenty-first century. Not only that, our God and Creator wrote the book. We honor Him when we understand and use His design. Therefore, we are eager to lift STEM to higher ground and to the glory of God.

Join us for a "Math in Focus" orientation

Thursday, September 15th, 2016 in Warrior Hall

You are invited to come at either 11:30am or 6:00pm

Faithfully yours,

Gary B. Arnold, Ed.D.
Head of School
Little Rock Christian Academy

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