Instrumental Arts

Instrumental Arts at Little Rock Christian Academy provides several years of learning, growing, and performing under the instruction of dedicated faculty and team. Curricular offerings, as well as extracurricular groups and competitions, provide students with the exposure required to advance collegiately or simply refine their skill.


Danielle Hodges

Director of Instrumental Music

Student Honors

Congratulations to these Warriors!

2017/18 ASBOA All Region (South) Orchestra

  • Madi Stearns - Violin/ Senior High, 1st Violin, 8th Chair
  • Lily Jones - Violin/ Senior High, 2nd Violin, 2nd Chair
  • Jacquelynn Horsey - Viola/ Senior High, 8th Chair
  • Emelia Belin - Oboe/ Senior High, 2nd Chair
  • John Ivester - French Horn/ Senior High, 2nd Chair
  • Will Walther - French Horn/ Senior High, 4th Chair
  • Katelyn Lyle - Violin/ Junior High, 1st Violin, 4th Chair
  • Isabella Adeola - Violin/ Junior High, 1st Violin, 9th Chair
  • Paul Douglass - Violin/ Junior High, 2nd Violin, 9th Chair
  • Jewelia Black - Violin/ Junior High, 2nd Violin, 16th Chair
  • Alex Bratton - Tuba/ Junior High, 1st Chair
  • Helen Pitman - Cello/ Junior High, 6th Chair

2017 Carnegie Hall Youth Orchestra

  • Katelyn Lyles

2017 International Honors Orchestra

  • Madi Stearns

2017 All State Chamber Orchestra

  • Jeremiah Dodson

2017 All State Symphonic Band

  • Alice Li

2017 All State Wind Symphony

  • Jeremiah Dodson

2016/17 All Region Orchestra:

  • Jeremiah Dodson
  • Jacquelynn Horsey
  • James Ivester
  • Lili Jones
  • Katelyn Lyle
  • Jacquelynn Horsey

2016/17 All Region Jazz Band:

  • James Ivester

2016/17 All Region Band:

  • Wendy Bae
  • Emelia Belin
  • Grace Bornemeier
  • Alex Bratton
  • Jeremiah Dodson
  • Nathan Dodson
  • Grace Faulk
  • James Ivester
  • John Ivester
  • Alice Li
  • Will Walther

2016 Carnegie Hall Youth Orchestra

  • Jacquelynn Horsey
  • Alice Li

Instrumental Parent Organization

LRCA Instrumental Parent Organization (IPO)

The Instrumental Parent Organization is critical in the operations and support of LRCA's instrumental programs!

Click here to go to the IPO webpage, access calendar, and volunteer needs.

2017/18 Officers and Chairs:

President: Angelica Ivester

Chairperson of IPO Events: Valerie Stearns

Vice President of Volunteers/ Marching Band: Melissa Bratton

Vice President of Volunteers/ Orchestra: Jenny Tucker

Vice President of Uniforms: Keli Edwards

Chairperson of Uniforms: TBA

Secretary: Terri Martin

Treasurer: Alan Ivester

Performance Event Manager: Lance Waters

Chairperson of Equipment: Richard Bornemeier

Upcoming Events:

There are no calendar events to display
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