Athletic Handbook

Frank Gaebelein writes in The Pattern of God’s Truth : “From the point of view of Christian doctrine, a mile is in itself a neutral thing. The way in which a young man runs it, however, is so far from neutral that Paul did not hesitate to use the Greek games as a powerful figure in the Christian life.”


The Little Rock Christian Athletic Department exists to support the school’s overall mission by providing a Christ-centered competitive athletic program that develops Christian character, leadership, and a commitment to excellence.


We will accomplish this mission by focusing on four core values (C4):

Christ Centered . . . fix your eyes on Jesus and seek him (Heb 12:2. James 1:4)

  • Providing a coaching staff of called, committed Christian professionals
  • Modeling Christ-like character to our student athletes
  • Integrating biblical principles through discipleship, devotions, and other resources
  • Teaching students to view athletics and competition from a biblical perspective

Competitive . . . so run YOUR race to win (1 Cor. 9:24-25)

  • Enabling our athletes to achieve their personal best for the glory of God
  • Celebrating each athletes’ unique abilities along with fostering team accomplishments
  • Challenging students to reach their fullest athletic potential
  • Developing a comprehensive program for all student athletes
  • Providing professional coaches who strive to be life long learners in their respective sports

Character based . . . walk in a manner worthy of your calling (Phil 1:27)

  • Instilling discipline and personal accountability
  • Teaching student athletes to respect authority, teammates, opponents, and the games in which they compete
  • Developing leadership skills to better serve the team, school, and community
  • Instilling a desire to serve the school and community
  • Encouraging participation and support of all sports and school activities
  • Instilling in our athletes loyalty, integrity, patience, perseverance, love, joy, peace, and self control

Committed . . . Lay aside every weight and run your race with endurance ( Heb 12:1)

  • Developing an unrelenting pursuit of a goal or potential
  • Teaching our athletes to strive to be their best and do the most with what God has given
  • Instilling in our athletes that Christianity is not an excuse for mediocrity or passive acceptance of defeat. Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win. (1 Corinthians 9:24-25)

We desire that when Warrior student athletes compete in the classroom, at practice, or in the game that they sense God's presence and run to win.

Eligibility requirements for students to participate in sports

Participation in competitive interscholastic activities as a part of Little Rock Christian Academy’s athletic program is a privilege and not a right. The eligibility rules are designed to promote the educational and spiritual values derived from participation in interscholastic activities. These requirements are aligned with the Arkansas Activities Association (AAA)*. Student athletes at Little Rock Christian Academy should maintain the same academic standards required of all students in the school. Ultimately, the success in the classroom of students is determined through their willingness to accept responsibility for their efforts. Coaches also have a responsibility in this process. They are to encourage players to seek academic excellence in the same manner they pursue excellence in athletics. During the course of the year, the grades for all student athletes will be monitored. If a student athlete’s grade falls below the passing mark, the student, teacher, parent and coach will develop an improvement plan to help the student make adequate progress in classes and show academic improvement.

*For more information concerning the AAA eligibility requirements, please refer to the Arkansas Activities Association website at

Responsibility of the Student Athlete

  • All student athletes must adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by the Arkansas Activities Association.
  • All student athletes must have a physical on file in the Athletic Department office prior to participation in a sport.
  • All student athletes must have a signed parent (HIPPA) consent form on file in the Athletic Department office prior to participation in a sport.
  • All student athletes must adhere to the academic, disciplinary, and spiritual standards set forth by Little Rock Christian to participate in athletics.
  • All student athletes must have a concussion sheet and heat illness form signed by parent and athlete on file in the Athletic Department office.

Basic Guidelines for Participation

1. Try-outs: In a sport that has a limited number of available spots, there will be a period of time for all athletes to be observed with the Athletic Director’s approval.

  • The coaching staff of the particular sport will make notification of the try-out procedure via school announcements, website, and various postings around the school.
  • After the coaches have reached agreement on a final roster, the roster will be posted for all participants to view. Those student athletes who do not make the final roster will meet with the coach to evaluate future possibilities of participation.

2. Participation in Multiple Sports: Student Athletes may participate in two sports during the same season with approval of both coaches. The student is required to choose one primary sport, which will take precedent over the other activity in case of conflict. Games will take precedent over practice. Both coaches involved should notify the Athletic Director of the student athlete’s desire before the season in order to avoid any potential conflicts during the simultaneous seasons.

3. Completing a season: A student athlete who quits of his/her own accord will not be eligible to start practicing for another sport before the end of the competition in the sport that was dropped. However, if both head coaches are in agreement and a release form is signed and returned to the Athletic Director’s office, the student may be allowed to change sports.

4. Practice: Team practices at Little Rock Christian will be determined by the respective coaching staff. Every effort will be made to conclude Wednesday practice by 5:30 pm. Every effort will be made to avoid practices on school holidays. There will not be practice on Sunday unless prior approval has been granted by the administration or Athletic Director.

If it is necessary to be absent from practice, the student is expected to notify the head coach prior to the scheduled practice.

5. Game Day: In order to be eligible to participate in an activity, contest, or trip, the student athlete must be in school for two periods of the day of the activity. Student athletes who are absent are not allowed to participate in school activities without advance approval from the Athletic Director.

Transportation - Students who ride school transportation to school events are to ride the bus on the return trip unless a parent personally notifies the coach of different arrangements. Notes or phone calls are acceptable prior to the departure from LRCA.) Students not riding the bus home will be allowed to return only with members of their immediate family or other specified adults. Students are not allowed to ride with other students. On occasion, parents may be asked to provide transportation to and from athletic events. On these occasions, the parent or guardian will assume all responsibility for their student athlete and/or anyone transported by them.

6. Parent/Coach Relationship: Parents are expected to respect coaches and school personnel as professionals. When a disagreement arises, the parents should talk to the coach involved at the appropriate time to resolve the problem. If the issue cannot be resolved, then the matter will go through the chain of command (Athletic Director then the Head of the School). We ask that parents not confront a coach before, during, or after a contest. If a meeting with a coach is desired, this may be scheduled by calling the coach or Athletic Director. Parent conduct during games should be exemplary. Parents are expected to refrain from negative comments about officials, coaches, and opponents. Parents who abuse the expectations of proper behavior may be asked to leave the premises and continued non-compliance will endanger the student’s eligibility to participate. All parents will receive an Expectations for Parents of Student Athlete handout at their respective team meeting.

7. Use of Facilities: All events or teams wishing to schedule use of facilities must consult with the Athletic Director’s office which will confirm with campus operations space and availability. A staff person must be present when any school facility is being used. Anyone wishing to conduct camps or tournaments in the gym or athletic field must receive permission from the Athletic Director and submit the proper forms.

8. Off Season Program: Student athletes will have the opportunity to continue developing their athletic skills with workouts after the season is complete. The coaching staff of the particular sport will make notification of the workouts to the athletes.


It is the desire of the athletic department to keep parents informed of all events, schedules, and changes in an efficient and timely manner. This communication will come from three primary sources.

  • Sport specific pre-season parent meeting
  • Email and e-newsletter communications
  • The athletic page on the website - then click on athletics

NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse

The NCAA has three membership divisions – Division I, Division II and Division III. Institutions are members of one or another division according to the size and scope of their athletic programs and whether they provide athletic scholarships. If you are planning to enroll in college as a freshman and wish to participate in Division I or Division II athletics, you must be certified by the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse was established as a separate organization by the NCAA member institutions in January 1993. The Clearinghouse ensures consistent interpretation of NCAA initial-eligibility requirements for all prospective student-athletes at all member institutions. All parents and student athletes wishing to pursue athletics at the collegiate level are strongly advised to log into the websites listed below for complete instructions on the application and clearinghouse procedures.

Little Rock Christian will host three signing days to recognize those student athletes who have signed letters of intent to play athletics at the collegiate level. These signing ceremonies will occur in November, February, and April. Please notify the Athletics Office of scholarship acceptances and which ceremony your family would like to participate. Student Athlete must be signing an athletic scholarship or a letter of intent that is binding between student and school.

Qualifications for Athlete and Team Recognition

All SH (grades 9-12) student athletes who participate and complete a varsity season will be awarded the following recognitions:

  • First time participant in Varsity sport: letter for sports participated
  • Second or more year of participation in Varsity Sport: certificate acknowledging their participation. Ninth grade students who are moved up to the varsity team after the completion of the JH season will not receive SH letter.

Student Athletes that participated on a Junior High Varsity or Senior High Varsity team will be eligible to purchase a letter jacket. The jackets may be ordered at

Student Athletes that receive athletic achievement plaques will be eligible to purchase patches.

Plaques will be purchased for the following athletic achievements: All Conference and All State.

Patches will be purchased for the following athletic team achievements: Conference Championship and State Championship.

The school will purchase a banner for each school year and for a State Championship.

State Championship rings will be designed by coach and committee. The Athletic Department and Warrior Club will each contribute $50 toward the cost of the ring. The remaining balance over the $100 contributed will be the responsibility of the student.

End of Year Awards

Senior Award: Seniors who participate and complete the season during their senior year will receive a senior recognition award which will be presented during a school day assembly.

All 7th , 8th, and 9th students who participate and complete the season will receive a recognition certificate acknowledging their participation. The certificates along with the sport specific Warrior Awards will be presented after each season has been completed.

Male/Female Athlete of the Year:

This award will be given to the male and female senior athlete who made a significant impact on their particular sport(s). This award is voted on by all coaches and will be presented during the Senior Awards Assembly.

Charles Jolliff Award (Male and Female):

The Jolliff award is the highest honor a LRCA athlete can receive. This award will be given to the male and female athlete that truly exemplifies the mission of Warrior Athletics (4 C’s). This award is voted on by all coaches and will be presented during the Senior Awards Assembly.


LRCA is a private Christian school that is a “religious organization.” While the commerce laws prohibiting arbitrary discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, age and disability apply generally to religious organizations, there is one notable exception: Religious organizations are allowed to discriminate on the basis of their religious beliefs. This exception is rooted in the constitutional right to free exercise of religion, biblical teaching, and common sense. “How can two walk together unless they be agreed?” Amos 3:3.

As a private school, LRCA considers academic performance in its admission and retention decisions. As a religious organization, LRCA views employee, student and family lifestyle choices and certain conduct to be a reflection of religious beliefs and commitment and LRCA will exercise its prerogative to neither commence nor continue an admission, enrollment, employment or other relationship if it is believed by LRCA that so doing will cause confusion about, conflict with, or compromise of the school’s mission to provide a distinctly Christian education from a Christ- centered worldview.

Any such decision will be based upon the historical, orthodox doctrines of the Church as set forth in the sixty-six books of the Holy Bible, which we believe to be the Word of God and our infallible and authoritative rule of faith and practice. The decision will be made by the Head of School, subject to review by the Board of Trust. This policy applies to all LRCA affairs, including all LRCA contracts, programs, activities, facilities, publications, and events.

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