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Campus Safety Reminders

Thank you for your participation making our first month go so smoothly! We appreciate the families who have actively adhered to the speed limit and no cell phone usage campus policies. Our school is fortunate to provide an education on such a beautiful campus and safety will always be our top priority. Please remember to abide by the following rules for the safety of our students.

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Three Strategies in Raising our Kids to be Adults

Author: Dr. Justin Smith - LRCA Head of Upper School/ Vice President

For several years I have had a burden on my heart regarding the best ways to support parents as they navigate the murky waters of raising teenagers. Having spent nearly half of my life working with adolescents, I have seen first-hand the results of effective and ineffective parenting. As we begin a mutual journey this fall, I would like to share with our community some ideas to help us paddle out of the murkiness into the clarity of effective parenting.

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This Week in Elementary:

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