Upcoming Campus Construction

Upcoming Campus Construction

In 2013, Little Rock Christian Academy dedicated Warrior Hall to the advancement of the arts and worship. Our artistry and adoration of our Lord were magnified. Now entering 2018, by the grace of God and the generosity of His people, Little Rock Christian is humbled to break ground on an expansive indoor athletic training center for multiple sports and activities (e.g. football, soccer, track, baseball, wrestling and spirit squads). We pray that the name of the Lord will be lifted up and the athleticism of our Warriors will be strengthened.

That's the good news.

The bad news? Bluntly, at a minimum, elementary traffic flow will slow and early childhood parking will be limited. We wish it were not so. We ask for your patience and adaptability as we forge ahead with the master plan. Over time, traffic and parking patterns will improve. But, starting December 4th, early elementary traffic and parking in the current athletic building lot change.

Pedestrian and playground safety are our primary concerns. We will create a fenced walkway between a modified (smaller) early childhood parking and the elementary school. We will also create an auxiliary elementary parking lot on the Welcome Center grounds with a connecting walkway to the elementary building.

In reference to the attached map, the following guidelines will help us prepare our minds and spirit for the coming changes.

1. The impacted parking lot fronts the Warrior athletic building and store.

2. Student parking is no longer available in this lot.

3. The east alley is open for faculty, staff and, as available, parents. No student parking.

4. There is no access to the east alley from the construction site. All east alley traffic must enter and leave at the middle school end.

5. Very limited early childhood parking is available in the area designated on the map. This means it may not be as easy to walk your child into the school building. We recommend that you use the established "drive-in/ drop-off" car loop.

6. Parking in the early childhood zone is "first come, first serve."

7. Alternative parking will be reserved for our elementary families. Specifically, we are reserving the gravel lot next to the Welcome Center/Business Office.

8. The dual lane elementary traffic flow for elementary arrival and dismissal remains untouched. The ripple effect, however, will be a longer line of cars - so, you may want to readjust your schedule to your convenience.

Thank you for working with us to reduce the pressure of our campus improvements. To end on a positive note, we are working with engineers and the City to construct a second campus exit (on the north end) within the next few years.

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