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As you research the best educational opportunity for your children, the two most important questions you will ask are:

  • Is this school’s mission in sync with our family’s mission?
  • Is this school’s mission for real?

The value proposition for Little Rock Christian Academy is evident to hundreds of families who will be a good resource for your research. Ask a Warrior about their experience. I believe you will hear an affirmation of what I hold to be our unique value proposition.


  • A challenging education anchored in the truth and grace of Jesus Christ
  • A vibrant biblical worldview integrated into all areas of learning
  • Educational quality guarded and guided by a professional cadre of qualified educators
  • A learning community that is professional, loving and increasingly diverse
  • A safe and secure environment for learning
  • A vital partnership with the Christian home and local churches
  • Ample opportunity to grow in academics, arts, athletics and active service to the community



The mission of Little Rock Christian Academy is to serve families, churches and the community by providing a PK-12th grade education, characterized by excellence in the pursuit of truth from a Christ-centered worldview.



Gary B. Arnold, Ed. D.

Head of School / President - Little Rock Christian Academy

Follow Dr. Arnold on Twitter @ArnoldDrLRCA