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Tracie Allred

EL Front Office

Jim Anderson

HS Math/Digital Video

Nick Anderson


Nancy Armstrong

Learner Services

Tom Armstrong

Facilities Support

Gary Arnold

Head of School/President

Karen Arnold

Administrative Support

Karen Arnold


Karen Atchley

MS Math

Eric Auel

After School Care

Leslie Auel

Substitute Teacher (5th-12th)

Madison Babb

HS English

Debbie Baer

Executive Assistant to Head of School for Advancement

Chance Bankhead

4th Grade Teacher

Kay Basham


Dorcas Baumgardner

JH Social Studies

Andy Baxley

HS Assistant Principal/Counselor

Lynn Beardsley

Director of Fine Arts

Cameron Beckett

HS Economics/Coach

Heather Bennett

Communications Associate

Cindy Berry

Wee Warriors

Sarah Berry

MS English

Faith Best

HS Biblical Worldview

Laurie Biggs

Social Studies

Kenneth Blankenship

Safety and Security

Lenard Blocker

Elementary Physical Education

Jonathan Boils

HS Science

John Boles

JH Math

Boyd Boshears

Director of Safety and Security

Delta Bost

JH Front Office

Marci Bostwick

MS Front Office

Cortney Bowman

K4 Assistant

Taylor Brandon

JH Band Director

Heidi Brandt

Director of Admissions

Phillip Bridges

Director of Marketing and Communications

Kris Brower

Learner Services

Melanie Buchanan

HS Art

Nicole Burnett

Daycare Teacher

Jennifer Byrd

HS English & Communications