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Little Rock Christian Academy


Faculty & Staff Directory


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Jamie Smith

Accompanist/ Fine Arts Academy Coordinator

Justin Smith

Head of Upper School/ Vice President

Kim Smith

Support Staff

Kimberly Smith

Wee Warriors

Molly Smith

K4 Assistant Teacher

Whitney Smith

K4 Teacher

Kelly South


Mark South

Environmental Support

Jennifer Spann

Math Faculty

Valerie Stearns

Business Office

Juliet Stevens

5th Grade Teacher

Johnathan Stone

Science Faculty/Coach

Karen Stotts

Technology Faculty

Cheryl Strauss

English Faculty

Cherokee Streetman

Science Faculty/ Coach

Tiffani Streetman


Terri Swedenburg

History/Oral Communications Faculty

Sheri Swindler

Academic and College Counseling Support

Heather Tarpley

French/Math Faculty

George Thompson

History Faculty

Susie Thompson

Accounting/Finance Faculty

Heather Tomlinson

Registered Nurse

Charlotte Torres

Math Faculty/Coach

David Torres

Science Faculty

Margo Turner

Language Arts Faculty

Trey Tyler

High School Biblical Worldview Faculty

Steve Tyson

Environmental Support

Felicia Van Goor

Food Service

Julie Venn

Sprouts Food Service

Carrie Vick

3yo Teacher

Ginger Wade

Science Faculty

Patricia Walden

History Teacher

Lisa Walker

Food Service

Teresa Walker

High School English Faculty

Deborah Walsh

Kindergarten Assistant/ Librarian

Johnny Watson

Athletic Director

Paulette Wheeler

College Guidance Support Staff

Holley White

3rd Grade Teacher

Rita White

Fine Arts Office Manager

Kimberly Whitesell

4th Grade Teacher
< 1 4 5 6 7 > showing 201 - 240 of 247 constituents