Grateful Giving to Christian Education

"You last logged food or exercise 3 days ago." My Lose It! app is flashing!

The most difficult part of watching my calories....or living by a logging what I spend. It's when I'm disciplined enough to track spending that I know how I'm REALLY doing.

Financial advisors provide guidelines for our personal budgets. As my husband and I determined to provide a distinctly Christian education for our three sons, we knew we needed to adjust our budget. Either some expenses had to decrease, or our income had to increase!

Educational institutions, of course, also operate by a budget. Some live within a budget, but others do not.

Little Rock Christian Academy, in accordance with its accrediting agencies, SAIS (, CESA ( and ANSAA (, operates within a balanced budget. The board of trust determines, and the Head of School manages, a budget which does not rely on projected future income (debt), or even current charitable donations to meet the operational requirements of the current school year.

Tuition and fees provide 98% of Little Rock Christian's operating budget. The remaining 2% comes from auxiliary operations (such as facility rentals) and interest income. As a private school, tax revenue is not a source of income for LRCA.

All of the buildings on the campus are paid in full! So, the school's largest expense is faculty/staff salaries. 70% of the budget goes directly to teachers and staff in the form of a paycheck. An additional 12% funds their benefits, such as health insurance.

The daily cost of operating the facilities – electric and water service, internet and technology, janitorial, and insurance total around 11% of operating expenses. 5% pays the cost of instruction – the materials and supplies that teachers use every day. Only 2% is used for administrative services – things such as software programs, postage, copying, office supplies, etc.

So what happens when the school needs new stuff? A better building, curriculum, technology, or equipment. How do we pay for those important items?

Rather than inordinately raising tuition to pay for advancements, and to avoid weighty interest payments on debt, LRCA (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization) relies on charitable donations to remain a competitive educational institution which prepares men and women for college and beyond. Annual Fund gifts provide advancements each year which equip students to excel.

The product of a Little Rock Christian education: Families who are equipped to thrive in tumultuous times.

Because of your gifts beyond tuition, LRCA continues to equip students to excel by providing a distinctly Christian education.

Christian education deserves a significant line item in your personal budget. Your family will be better for it. Our community will be strengthened. So as you feel the pain of tracking your expenditures, I pray that God blesses your sacrifice.

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Cindy McLeod

Little Rock Christian Academy
Director of Advancement

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