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Interview with Jared Lax ('11), Harvard Law Student

Jared Lax ('11) will graduate from Harvard Law School at the end of this month with a J.D. degree.

Tell us about your experience at Harvard over the past three years. What have been your greatest accomplishments? What have been your biggest challenges?

My experience at Harvard over the past three years has been wonderful. I came in not knowing anybody, definitely intimidated by the name and reputation of the place, and experiencing serious impostor syndrome. I quickly found fast friends, and a supportive ecosystem of professors and mentors followed shortly after.

It's been a really fun place to be during my mid-20s. My peers are intellectually curious, caring and empathetic, personally ambitious and all-around interesting. It feels trite to say, but I feel that I've learned the most during my time here from my peers. Don't get me wrong—I've learned a ton from the classes and professors. But learning and working alongside my classmates has been the brightest spot during my time here.

I'm not sure what I'd highlight in the way of accomplishments—I've served as Director of Student Organizations and Journals for the HLS Student government, among other student governmental roles; I served as a Principal Senior Editor on the National Security Journal; and I've done okay academically, earning Dean's Scholar Prizes (aka top grade in a class) in Criminal Law and Taxation.

As for challenges, grad school definitely has a learning and work curve that requires adjusting for everybody. I never acclimated to the northeast winters. Managing the stress of school and what comes after school with enjoying the moment and enjoying the relationships I've made here has been (and will probably always be) a challenge.

In what way(s) did LRCA help prepare you for your time there?

I think my parents instilled a love of learning at an early age, but LRCA absolutely fostered that as I entered adulthood. Through my peers, classes, and teachers, I felt encouraged to be intellectually curious and stretch myself. I've carried those qualities with me throughout law school, and I'm looking forward to carrying them into the start of my career, as well.

What are your plans for after graduation?

After graduation, I plan to move back to Little Rock and study for the Arkansas Bar Exam. In the fall, I will start working for Judge Kristine Baker, a federal judge at the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas. A year after that, I'll shuffle across the hall and work for Judge Price Marshall, another federal judge at the same court. I am still figuring out what my career will look like post-clerkships, but I'm incredibly excited to get to work with those two judges and learn from them as I launch my legal career.

What do you miss most about LRCA?

My classmates! I loved my class, and I'm excited to reconnect with the many of them that are still in the Little Rock area once I move home. Second answer is definitely the LRCA gym. Coach Keith McLeod is very kind, gracious, and inclusive in inviting lots of us alumni to come back up to the gym to play pickup basketball whenever people are in town.

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