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LRCA's Inaugural Bowling Team

Congratulations to LRCA's inaugural Warrior Bowling team! They finished 5th in the 5A State tournament with Nick Rush named to All Conference Team. The team is led by Coach Matt Lane and includes:

Alexander Clark
Alexander Rodgers
Allison Parkinson
Anna Black
Audrey Davis
Audrey Garner
Bailey White
Benjamin Clark
Briahna Willis
Catherine Berryhill
Dalton Johnson
David Curry
Emily Proffitt
Haley Flaherty
Jack Phillips
Jacob Frueh
James Ivester
Jenna Auel
Julianne Dahlin
Kathryn Flamik
Lillian Mitchell
Luke Hankins
Makayla Jacobson
Matthew Jones, Jr.
Matthew Parker
Meagan Morrison
Natalie Carnahan
Nicholas Rush
Riley Jones
Sydney House
Thomas Proctor

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