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Warriors Make J Term Intentional

J-term 2018 will be remembered as one of the most intentional weeks of the year! Warriors studied in six locations around the world, experienced specific careers through intensive internships, and stretched their limits through unique courses or mission work here in our own city.

Thank you to KARK 4 News for capturing the volunteer work LRCA students participated in at the Arkansas Foodbank. The special segment Faith Matters: J-Term Helping Students, Helping Others can be viewed in this article.

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Will Strickland hits 11 three pointers in a game

Will Strickland made 11 three-pointers to lead Little Rock Christian with 35 points in a 72-43 rout of Dumas on Thursday in the opening round of the Badger Christmas Classic at Badger Arena in Beebe.

Learn more about Strickland's game in this video produced by LRCA students Tucker Teague and Luke Hankins. The segment was created as a part of an internship with KATV during LRCA J Term.

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