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Exchange students adjust to new school

Written By:

Daniel Lee, High School Reporter/High School Journalism Team

This year, there are four new exchange students in the High School. They are Matek, who is  from Germany (11th grade), Sofie, who is from Denmark (11th grade), Anna who is from Austria (10th grade), and Daniel, who is from South Korea (9th grade). Three exchange students are planning to stay only through this school year, but Daniel will call LRCA home until he graduates. The exchange student coordinator, Mrs. Metcalf says exchange students typically come to America through an organization called AFS (American Field Service), but some students, like Daniel, come to Little Rock by contacting the school individually. She says the students are getting used to America; at first they are shocked at things like the food and the culture. However, by now, Mrs. Metcalf said, they are getting settled into their routines. She said bringing international students to LRCA is a great way to encourage mutual respect and positive interactions between students of different cultures. She also said it a great opportunity to share the love of Jesus with people all over the world who may have never heard the gospel, She added that several international students have become Christians in the past and some of their family members in their home countries have been saved by seeing the transformation of their loved once because of their experience here. Mrs. Metcalf said LRCA has the privilege of welcoming new exchange students every year.  They are staying with their host families while they’re in America. Anyone interested in hosting an exchange student in the future can contact Mrs. Metcalf at