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The Science of "YouScience"

Written By:

Carla Kenyon, Director of College Guidance

Little Rock Christian Academy is dedicated to helping students reach their highest potential and watching them succeed after their high school years. The challenge lies in discovering each student's unique set of talents and understanding how those talents will drive college major, career and even life choices.

LRCA is excited to announce a partnership with YouScience, creator of the innovative new program called the YouScience Pro le. YouScience is an exciting new tool being offered directly to LRCA families for the first time. Currently this service is provided for our sophomores, juniors, and seniors as results remain consistent after about age 15. In future years, sophomores alone will take the assessment, and we will utilize their results throughout senior year. With this program, students will discover their unique "blueprint" through the revolutionary intersection of aptitudes, interests and personality. It's a completely new way to understand where a student will succeed and allows LRCA to deliver even more effective and accurate guidance.

The YouScience Pro le is not a self-report measure like many current assessments which measure what you already know about yourself. Since interests are highly dependent upon exposure and worldview, they change over time and with life experiences. Often the reason students take assessments is because they struggle to identify their strengths and need new information and insights. It is important to understand that aptitudes re ect how quickly and easily one can learn skills and abilities in particular areas. Aptitudes may be considered as the natural abilities God has given us. Because of their stable nature, aptitudes serve as a reliable navigational tool throughout a lifetime of decisions. When we use our aptitudes, we are most happy and satis ed as we feel we are "in the zone" rather than engaged in a frustrating, uphill battle.

YouScience is an online, scientific program that takes students through a series of assessments and interest questions designed to determine results in the 11 key aptitudes utilized in the working world. The results include a review of the student's strengths, suggested environments where he will succeed, detailed information on possible careers that match those skills and interests, majors that map to those careers, and much more. One of the most helpful aspects of the results is the "Describing You" section. Students can effectively utilize this personalized verbiage for resumes and for talking points in internship and job interviews. The Little Rock Christian Academy College Guidance team helps students review and interpret these comprehensive results.

Recently, Michael and Christy Wisinger, parents of senior Isa Wisinger, had this to say following the discussion of Isa's results. "We loved going over the YouScience results! It was interesting, as a parent, to see where the test identified strengths we had also identified in Isa. It was very practical and helped us to start narrowing school and career choices. Our favorite part of YouScience is that it actually proposed specific jobs at which Isa would excel, and it supplied education and salary details."

The LRCA College Guidance office strives to assist students in making informed decisions regarding college courses of study and other career-related choices. YouScience promises to promote a cost-effective and enjoyable journey through the collegiate and career-preparation years.

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