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An Arena, a Pioneer Cabin and more in your November Update...

Written By:

Gary B. Arnold, EdD - LRCA Head of School


In this season of raw discord and debate over the truth of truth, we stand confident in Jesus' word that He is the way, the truth and the life. (John 14:6)


I hope you have sensed the relevance and the power of our theme this year. When our children are bombarded with messages that truth isn't truth, that it's OK to assail our enemies, that authority can't be trusted, someone has to speak the truth in love. And, that is what we do.


Thank you for entrusting your children to a team of teachers who love your children, know the truth and pray for your children's spiritual well-being every day. As we approach the grand holidays, let me share a few timely remarks on our school community life together.



So far this year, we have hosted four guests that spur us on to serve you even better.


  • The Council of Educational Standards and Accountability (CESA) – earlier this month we were re-certified as a charter member of this competitive national consortium of Christian schools. Three school heads from Cincinnati, St. Louis and Tacoma interviewed students, teachers, parents, board and administration. They scrutinized our school effectiveness, provided insight on how to be even more effective and left uttering the word, "remarkable." To God be the glory.


  • The Governor's Commission on School Safety selected one private school- Little Rock Christian - to interview as they studied the safety and security plans of a dozen schools in Arkansas. In essence, the visit was a collaborative exchange of ideas and best practices. Both CESA and the Governor's Commission were pleased with the proactive measures in place to keep our children as safe as possible and shared a few new ideas for our Safety and Security team to customize for our locale.      


  • Hearing about some of our recent educational innovations, the U.S. Department of Education directed the Office of Faith and Community Partnerships to visit our campus as a model for what can be done to "rethink school." They refer to LRCA on their blog.



  • In the spirit of our theme, "We Believe," we are recrafting much of our Biblical Worldview (BWV) curriculum, especially in high school. For years, you have asked us to be a part of the BWV training your children receive in BWV class. Biola University Professor of Biblical Worldview, Dr. Craig Hazen visited campus to address our BWV team, HS Chapel, and our board in the area of apologetics, a course of study you have asked for us to emphasize more. The visit led to the conclusion we need to have the Biola team back for an Apologetics weekend in the spring for parents and friends. Basically, apologetics is the art of knowing what we believe and why we believe it. Interested? More details to come.  


On a related note, Christ Community Church and LRCA are co-sponsoring an evening with AXIS – leaders in understanding the culture, cultural memes and cultural pressures of our teens and pre-teens. AXIS is pretty hip and very knowledgeable. Join us in Warrior Hall on Sunday, November 4th at 7:00 pm to tap into the wisdom of this team from Colorado. 


Then, on December 11th, we are hosting LRCA Date Night for you, our moms and dads. The hilarious and poignant Ted Cunningham, national expert on marriages, comes to LRCA to encourage you and entertain you for FREE! Save the date and reserve your free tickets here.


By the grace of God, there are three simultaneous construction projects now in motion on campus.


  • Following significant storm damage, our Welcome Center renovations should be complete by Christmas. Thirteen staff have been cramped in "The House" for too long. The west addition will improve the first impression of our future Warriors and allow us to serve you better.      


  • Due to the size of the Arena project, we are relocating our "Farm to Fork" garden and our chickens to behind the Wee Warrior buildings in the northwest corner of campus. As a bonus, four senior boys are constructing an authentic 16' x 16' Arkansas pioneer cabin as their Senior Capstone Project in the middle of the new garden.


  • Earth and trees are moving for Warrior Arena, improved parking and hands-on learning space (i.e., robotics, engineering, makerspace). A few of the aspects of the project are yet-to-be-funded. If you are able and prompted by the spirit to help us expand the classrooms, install high quality A/V, or add parking, please contact Cindy McLeod or me anytime, anyplace. 

I am hungry for more face time with you to talk about what the Lord is doing among us and the layers of value we are intentionally and incrementally adding to your Little Rock Christian experience. I look forward to hosting a "State of the School" evening in January where we can share with you how we steward your tuition dollars and give an update on program enhancements, safety and security measures and construction for 2019-2020.

In His service, at your service,


Gary B. Arnold, Ed.D.

Little Rock Christian Academy

Head of School/President




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