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Testimony of a Lifetime

Written By:

Gary B. Arnold, EdD - LRCA Head of School


Early this summer I asked the board, faculty and staff to join me in reading afresh The Book of Acts in the New Testament of the Bible. Then, at the end of summer, I asked them to pick one word from the text that jumped out at them. “What one word is the Holy Spirit using to get your attention?” I asked. The list of personal words is magnificent.  When I review it, I learn more about each teacher, each staff member and I learn more about what the Lord is doing among us. I encourage all of us to re-read Acts and find that one word.

One of the most popular words discovered by our team was “power.” The power of God among us, even today. As an emphatic climax to our back-to-school vision cast, Dr. Jeanine Andersson, a Warrior mother of four precious children and orthopedic surgeon, shared her story of God’s healing from a terminal disease. To me, hearing Dr. Andersson speak was like reading a postscript to the Book of  Acts. As we listened to her testimony of a miracle, our faith in God’s present power overflowed.

I want you to be blessed as we are blessed, take time to listen to Dr. Andersson tell the story of God’s healing and all she learned through the extreme pain and anxiety of a terminal diagnosis.   

With Dr. Andersson’s permission, I offer you her testimony. It’s a gift from God. Praise Him for it.

Faithfully yours,Image


Gary B. Arnold, Ed.D.

Little Rock Christian Academy

Head of School/President





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