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Biblical Worldview

All students develop a worldview – a perspective from which one sees and interprets the world. Biblical Worldview (BWV) is the foundational perspective from which all subjects are taught and applied at LRCA. We intentionally teach our students to view life through the lens of truth revealed in the Bible.

As the most distinguishing aspect of our school, BWV clarifies the often competing, confusing voices of our pluralistic society to help shape a student’s view of life and the universe. The teaching of a biblical worldview begins in pre-K with an abundance of Bible teaching, along with our R.O.L.E. program where students learn the biblical reasons to Respect, Obey, Love and Excel. The curriculum becomes formalized in Junior High where Biblical Worldview classes begin in 6th grade and continue to build through all four years of high school.

Critical to a resilient Christ-centered worldview is the affirmation of the Bible as God’s Holy Word and thus the transcendent standard by which we understand and interpret all aspects of our existence. The Bible contains not only the measures by which we make life choices, but it is the story of God’s own people from the beginning of time until today, through which we learn that God is pursuing a relationship with us individually.

Each year our BWV faculty diligently work to help our students answer the following questions with increasing depth and clarity:

  1. Who is God and what is His nature and character?
  2. How is man created in the image of God, how did man fall, and why is he in need of restoration?
  3. What is God’s plan for a restored relationship through Jesus Christ?
  4. How can we trust and apply the Scriptures as God’s inspired, inerrant word?
  5. What is the importance and benefit of growing in spiritual discipline?
  6. How can we intelligently evaluate and positively engage the prevailing culture?
  7. What is each believer’s role and responsibility in God’s redemptive plan?
  8. How is God involved in history through people, events and His Church?

“Studying other worldviews has been important to me. I have officially returned home to Christ. I am thankful for my period of questioning and struggle. It has allowed me to see the true glory, joy, and miracle of Christ and Christianity. I am excited to be entering college with my renewed, God-given relationship with Christ.” LRCA Alumnus

Our upper school Biblical Worldview faculty follow a well-mapped curriculum which includes progressive studies of books of the Bible, as well as extra-biblical sources. The general subjects of each year are as follows:

Grade 6 - Foundational Principles of Biblical History and Doctrine

Grades 7 and 8 – Fundamentals of Practical Christian Living

Grade 9 – Building Frameworks of TRUTH

Grade 10 – Understanding Deeper TRUTH

Grade 11 – Wisely Defending TRUTH

Grade 12 – Discerning Relevant TRUTH

Our ultimate goal is to educate and graduate students who are equipped to represent Jesus in culture through personal knowledge of God and His truth. We cannot accomplish that mission without the partnership of home and church. As a non-denominational, evangelical Christian community, LRCA contains within its walls a broad spectrum of doctrinal views and ecclesiastical practices that correspond to the diversity of the local Body of Christ. The school seeks a harmonious balance in its representation of such differences in the classroom, and it does so through a Three-Tier Philosophy for Doctrinal Differences.