Guided by a belief in Imago Dei, our team sees high school academics and the college application process as opportunities for spiritual growth and formation. This approach values who students are and will become, and emphasizes the work that God is performing in their lives.

Our team seeks to develop working relationships with each student during high school by supporting students from the end of 8th grade through graduation. By dividing the caseload according to the alphabet, we extend these relationships to families, siblings, and beyond the gates of LRCA.

Each student is unique and so is God’s will for their life. We devote time to mining these individual contexts in order to provide the best counsel possible while at LRCA. Our hope is that each student and family ends up with exciting options that best fit their circumstances and goals.


Schools Accepted To: 136 Colleges & Universities 

In State vs Out of State: 62% vs 38%

Scholarship Money: $18.7+ million reported in Academics, Arts, and Athletic Scholarship

Apps/students: 4.23

Eligible for Gov. Dist.: 13

40 Colleges attending in 17 states

Arts/Academics/Athletics (20)