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High School Dress Code

Dress Code


Attire plays an integral role in our social formation and expectation.  As part of the way in which we present ourselves, what we wear is neither trivial or inconsequential.  Clothing creates cultural, capital, status, social differentiation, and is a significant factor in the social formation of students' understanding of themselves.  Many of these practices are learned in the social environment of school.

LRCA student dress is expected to be modest and in keeping with Christian principles. “Modest” means that clothing is loose fitting and covers the body according to directions below. Violation of any portion of the dress code may result in disciplinary action, with or without warning.

LRCA Dress Code aspires to create a look that is academically focused, characterized by confidence, comfort, and creativity.  


Tops (Men & Women):

  • Short or long sleeve polo style shirt; LRCA or small manufacturer’s logo only; any color or pattern

  • Short or long sleeve button-down, collared dress shirt; LRCA or small manufacturer’s logo only; any color or pattern

  • Shirts must be buttoned up to the center of the chest

  • Knitted sweaters and turtlenecks are acceptable in lieu of a collared shirt, provided they maintain a business casual look

  • In-season athletic team “Game Day Polo”, Fine Arts Cast, Band/Choir, or Academic Team Shirts may be worn on game or production days

  • (Women only) Dress or business blouses without collar or buttons are acceptable; must be modest and well-fitting


Bottoms (Men & Women):

  • Shorts (bermuda length), slacks, khakis, or corduroy pants; flat or pleated front;

  • Dress denim pants are permitted, providing they are solid color, darkwash or other similar style, and sufficiently business casual

  • Must be hemmed; no holes or frays; no baggy or sagging bottoms; must fit at the waist


Outerwear (Men & Women):   

  • Sweater, 1/4, 1/2, or full zip jacket, or crew-neck sweatshirt; any color or pattern, no messages except LRCA, college logo, or small manufacturers logo
  • Outerwear does not count as a collared shirt
  • No hoodies or hooded jackets, except with LRCA logo
  • Rain jackets with hoods may be worn, though expected to be removed while in the building 

Skirts/Dresses (Women):

  • Young ladies may wear dresses/skirts.  Length for both must reach 4 inches from the top of the kneecap.  Skirts may be plaid or solid color. Dresses do not have to be collared, but must have sleeves that cover shoulders (or outerwear with sleeves), and a modest neckline.  If leggings or tights are worn, skirts/dresses still need to meet the length requirement.


Hair (Men):

  • Clean and neat; natural color; cut above the collar in the back, combed out of the eyes in the front; short braids or twists for afro-textured hair

  • No facial hair; no sideburns lower than the ear; no hair bands for men.


Hair (Women):

  • Clean and neat; natural color; no distracting styles


Details (Men and Women):

  • All clothing must be clean, appropriately fitted, and free of tears, holes or frayed hems.

  • Clothing should not have lettering or messages other than school or college logos

  • No head covering of any type including do-rags, bandanas, hats, visors, or hoods

  • No visible tattoos; young women may have pierced ears, provided that earrings are modest and non-distracting. No other visible piercings will be permitted  

  • No sweatpants, joggers, athletic shorts, pajamas, or scrubs any time

  • Students must wear shoes or sandals; they should be clean and neat


Wednesday Dress and Friday Dress Days:

  • Wednesdays are a dress up day.  Gentlemen are required to wear ties.  Young women are required to dress “church casual”  

  • Fridays are a casual dress day.  Students may wear regular jeans - as opposed to “dress” denim” - and t-shirts with appropriate messaging.  

  • Even with Friday Dress, no sweatpants (or sweat pant-like pants), joggers, athletic shorts, pajamas, or scrubs any time

Dress Code Q & A


Why are we revising the High School Dress Code?

Every few years, it’s appropriate to review policy to ensure what is working for us, to make appropriate changes and to address issues that have become problems.  This year, we formed a student committee to review our High School Dress Code. Twenty-two students, chosen from an extensive applicant pool of almost seventy, were tasked with discussing how our students present themselves to the public and to propose changes they deemed necessary or prudent.  

The student committee began this process by considering the question: If a visitor came to campus and spent 30 minutes walking around the high school, what three words would you want them to use to describe you?

After several weeks of conversation, our student committee formulated and coalesced around the following statement: LRCA dress code aspires to create a look that is above all academically focused, characterized by confidence, comfort, and creativity.  They felt this is what differentiates us from any of the public or private schools in the area.  This statement, along with the school’s mission statement, were our guiding principles in every conversation and meeting.


What clothing items are new to the dress code?

We haven’t changed much about the daily dress code because most of the current dress code is working well for us.  Collared polo or button-down shirts, long or short sleeve, have a classic academic look. Students have the freedom to choose colors or patterns they enjoy, allowing for individual creativity while maintaining style. That said, here are the new additions for next year.


  1. Knitted sweaters (crew, v-neck, and turtleneck) are acceptable with no additional collar.  This is under the assumption that they maintain a business casual look. The danger here is in the neckline.  Deep V-neck sweaters are not going to be appropriate for school without a collar underneath, so we would appreciate if parents monitor this closely.



  1. For female students, dress or business casual blouses without collars or buttons will be allowed.  We feel these options represent a wide array of styles our students enjoy and are often dressier than a regular polo.  It is important our the neckline reflect our standards of modesty and shoulders are covered.


  1. “Dress Denim” is allowed every day.  Our current dress code allows for colored denim but not blue denim.  This doesn’t fully articulate the spirit behind the distinction, so we have redefined this portion of the dress code to read “dress denim pants are permitted, provided they are solid in color, dark wash or other similar style, and sufficiently business casual.”  


What exactly is “dress denim?”

“Dress Denim” refers to denim pants that are business casual, either colored or dark wash, accompanied by an appropriate top.  There is always a risk in allowing something that requires interpretation with dress code. We do not intend to open up regular jeans as part of our daily dress code, so here are a few pointers to help in recognizing the distinction.

  1. Color - Dress Denim is colored, dark blue or dark wash.  If you are wearing light blue denim, it likely will not qualify as dress denim.

  2. Solid - Dress Denim is not ombre and does not fade at the knees; it does not have wrinkled patterns or other designs, washes, etc.; it does not have unnecessary or excessive stitching, zippers, or pleats; The design is plain, not biker style or distressed.

  3. Holes - Dress Denim does not have rips, tears, frayed edges, or holes.  Even if these are part of the design of the pant, these do not meet our standard for dress denim.  

  4. When in doubt - Dress it up!  Often, it’s the whole package that determines a business casual look.  Dressing up the top with a button-down or the bottom with dressier shoes will make or break the outfit.


“Dress Denim”


Not “Dress Denim”


Are there be any big changes to the dress code policy?

The student committee agreed that hooded sweatshirts tend to detract from the academic look, but didn’t want to limit school spirit or each student’s ability to adjust to different temperatures throughout the day.  


Only LRCA affiliated hooded sweatshirts will be allowed next year. Crew neck sweatshirts are allowed provided they are plain, have an LRCA logo, or college logo.  In terms of rain jackets with hoods, students may wear them to school, but are asked to take them off while in the building.


Game Day Attire for Athletes

We are also regulating team dress on game days, requiring teams to wear their game-day polos or regular uniform dress.  Fine arts, band, and academic teams can wear their team or cast apparel on production days as well, given permission from their director.  The main point here is that teams all look alike. There is no team identity if every player is wearing their own thing.


Special Dress Days - Wednesday and Friday

“Friday Dress” remains the same.  Students are permitted to wear regular denim pants and appropriate t-shirts.  No holes, tears or frays are allowed, even if they are part of the design. No sweatpants (or sweat pant-like pants), joggers, athletic shorts, pajamas, or scrubs of any kind.   

“Wednesday Dress” is new next year.  While our current dress code has a casual day, the student committee agreed it would be fun to include a dress up day.  Young men will be encouraged and expected to wear ties every Wednesday. Young women are encouraged and expected to dress “church casual” every Wednesday.   


Wednesday Dress

Young men are expected to wear dress shirts and ties, accompanied by dress denim, slacks, khakis, or shorts.   

Young women have a lot more options for more formal attire, including slacks, khakis, blouses, dresses, skirts, and dress denim.  Here are some guidelines:

  1. All clothing must meet our length requirement - “Wednesday Dress” does not mean short.  Pants, shorts, dresses, or skirts are all acceptable, provided they meet the minimum length standards and are modest.  Dress denim or slacks are also acceptable.
  2. Shoulders covered - Students should have their shoulders covered, either by the design of the garment, or by acceptable outerwear (ex: a sweater worn throughout the day).
  3. Avoid cut outs, crop tops, etc. - “Wednesday Dress” does not mean it is acceptable to wear clothing with exposing cut-outs, crops tops, etc.

what’s going to happen if I don’t dress appropriately?

There is great value in practicing a more formal appearance and in finding comfort within those boundaries.  Students who fail to meet any dress code expectations, including Wednesday Dress, will be asked to correct their appearance.  Additional infractions will receive appropriate increasing consequences.


What if my athletic team has a game on Wednesday, and we would normally wear our game-day uniform?  

Athletes in game-day uniform are still within dress code, provided the team has been instructed by the coach to dress out.