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J Term

Modeled after the college January term idea, “J-Term” is designed to increase learning opportunities for students. We offer classes and experiences not normally available, giving students an opportunity to learn in areas of passion, discover and develop their gifts, explore new ideas and skills, and consider where God may be leading them in their lives. The “block” nature of J-Term allows for focused, in-depth study and deeper relationships with teachers and a small group of students.

What is the basic program of J-Term?

All students receive credit and grades for J-Term. J-Term is required for each year at LRCA. Non-faculty instructors are also used and bring outside perspective and knowledge. Typically, students who have experienced J-Term rank it at the top of their high school experience. The concept is increasingly meeting the educational and developmental needs of students.

How does J-Term help regular semester classes?

The quality and results of regular semester courses are enhanced by having J-Term. Reasons for the positive effect on the regular semester courses include:

  1. Teachers tend to use time better, focusing all year on good use of time more than compensating for the J-Term. Since Little Rock Christian began J-Term, ACT scores have risen, and we have been named a National Blue Ribbon School for exemplary performance.
  2. Students are fresher and have better attitudes toward school in general, increasing productivity.
  3. Relationships are deepened with faculty and others that lay a foundation for stronger classroom experiences and lifelong relationships. Students tend to learn better where there are positive relationships.
  4. Students often develop life purpose or perspective which motivates studies.



2019-2020 J-term Experience

J Term Trips - January 2020


Rebuilding communities, ministering to orphans, delving into the arts, practicing Spanish, worshipping in new ways and in new contexts, exploring fascinating geographical and cultural landscapes, hearing stories, personal and societal from people around the world. . .


Travelling provides a truly extraordinary opportunity for growth in the lives of our students. We are very excited to announce our J-Term travel opportunities for 2020!


Please consider the travel opportunities listed below and reach out to the designated trip leaders to let them know you are interested and to ask questions. We would love to see all J-Term trips for 2020 be full of inquisitive, adventurous, servant-hearted students this January!


In order for a J-Term trip to be viable, a minimum of 12 students must be committed (meaning required deposit is paid). The maximum number of students is usually 30, but for some trips may be less. The initial deposit and deadlines for full payment vary from trip to trip.


Adventure in Costa Rica

Students will explore Costa Rica’s unique, diverse ecology and experience Costa Rica’s inviting culture. From Tortuguero in the Atlantic, a nesting ground for giant sea turtles, to the treetops of Sarapiquí, the location of Costa Rica’s longest zipline, to beautiful Lake Arenal and finally, to Guanacaste in the Pacific, students will revel in the myriad of Costa Rica’s unparalleled natural and cultural beauty.Activities include: Exploring Tortuguero Village and canals, ziplining above the forest canopy, whitewater rafting, kayaking, hiking to La Fortuna waterfall, swimming in natural hot springs and snorkeling in Guanacaste.This trip provides a great opportunity for Spanish students to practice the language and engage in culture. Additional activities such as ziplining ($55), white water rafting ($60) will cost extra and will be paid on the trip. The trip will be chaperoned by members of the Spanish department and other high school faculty and staff. For more information, see the trip description.

Tour Company:

Educational First Tours

Faculty contact:

Araceli Johnston (LRCA Spanish Faculty)

Open to:

Students in grades 10-12

Length of trip:

9 days

Dates of travel:

January 2-10, 2018

Approximate Cost:

$2,935 – 3,045 (depending on the number of students who sign up)


Round-trip airline tickets, hotel accommodations and three meals daily, all-inclusive insurance, professional and private tour guide, comprehensive sightseeing of natural attractions and entrances to all the places listed above.


Student must have valid passport

Bahamas with United Servants Abroad

On this 8-day mission trip to Eleuthera, Bahamas, coordinated with United Servants Abroad, students will have the opportunity to share the Word of God with almost every elementary school-aged student on the island! Throughout the trip, students will lead presentations at elementary schools, assist with youth events at local churches, complete various jobs at Jordan Stone House, and experience a Bahamian Sunday worship service. This trip packs in a variety of fun excursions, such as seeing the Glass Window Bridge and Leon Levy Preserve, visiting gift shops, eating a local restaurants, stopping for ice cream treats, lounging on beautiful pink sand beaches, and participating in other local activities that are available during our trip dates. The team will have daily devotional time together. This trip is open to all high school students grades 9-12. 


Tour Company:

United Servants Abroad


Faculty contact:

Ann Polson (LRCA Math Faculty)


Open to:

Students in grades 9-12



8 days


Dates of travel:

January 3-10 (tentative)


Approximate Cost:




All meals on the island, lodging, and transportation; excludes airport meals and baggage fees.



Student must have valid passport.

Experience the Arts of Southern California

Join the Fine Arts Department on an 9-day excursion (December 31-January 7) to the Los Angeles area where students will explore a wide range of artistic experiences and career possibilities in both visual and performing arts. This trip will start with bandstand seats for the Tournament of Roses parade in Pasadena, CA where students will observe the artistry of the floats as well as a variety of performances. Students will have the opportunity to tour museums, galleries, and studios in the Los Angeles area, and then participate in animator and performance workshop with Disneyland Studios. Students will also participate in a two-day workshop at A Noise Within, exploring all aspects of theater from language and stage combat to costume and set design. Students will have time to sketch in an area of the country many great artists have used as inspiration. Students will also attend multiple performances at theaters, including the Pantages. This trip is open to all 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students (with priority given to students with an interest in the arts).


Faculty contact:

Hollie Shepherd (LRCA Fine Arts Faculty)

Melanie Buchanan (LRCA Fine Arts Faculty)


Open to:

Students in grades 9-12. Priority given to students with an interest in the arts.



7-8 days pending


Dates of travel:

December 31 and January 7/8.


Approximate Cost:




Airfare, all hotel stays and transportation, breakfast and most dinners during the trip, two-day passes to Disneyland, and all tickets and admissions.

Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf

On this trip, students will partner with the Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf. The Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf ministers to hearing impaired and special needs children. This project includes both construction work and sharing the love of Christ with the residents of the school. The team will also lead a Children’s Bible school in the community of Eden, Jamaica as well as spending time with and caring for residents at Blossom Garden Children’s Home, an orphanage for more than 70 children, and Westhaven Home for the severely disabled. The last day in Montego Bay will be spent enjoying the beautiful beach at Doctor’s Cave. This trip is available to all high school students 9th-12th grades. Spending money and money for meals while traveling is not included in this cost.

Tour Company:

Mission Discovery

Faculty contacts:

Stefan Jones (LRCA Biblical Worldview Faculty)

Jim Anderson (LRCA Math Faculty)

Open to:

Students in grades 9-12.


7 days

Dates of travel:

January 2-10 (tentative)

Approximate Cost:



Travel, accommodations in Montego Bay, and meals at the hotel.


Student must have valid passport.

Italy - The Grand Tour


Ms. Howell and Dr. Cohu are delighted to invite you to the land of the Renaissance, the Vatican, Venice, Michelangelo, Dante, and da Vinci! Come with us and immerse yourself in the birthplace of European culture. This once-in-a-lifetime trip will take you through the waterways of Venice in a gondola, to the top of the Duomo in Florence (where you will visit the Uffizi gallery in the Medici’s palace and then stroll down the road to see Michelangelo’s David), under St. Francis’ medieval cathedral in Assisi, across the town of Siena, to the ruins of Pompeii in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius, then finally to the Eternal City of Rome (to explore the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, and the catacombs). It is going to be an experience you will never forget! This trip is open to all 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students however, 11th and 12th will have priority if seats fill. For a detailed itinerary, please see the handout given students or email Ms. Howell. You and your student can also follow plans for the Italy trip on Instagram at @lrcagoestoitaly.


Tour Company:

Educational First Tours


Faculty contact:

Rebecca Howell (LRCA Biblical Worldview Teacher)


Open to:

Students in grades 10-12



11 days


Dates of travel:

December 28 and January 9


Approximate Cost:




Round-trip airfare, in-city hotels, all breakfasts and dinners, all-inclusive insurance, professional and private tour-guides, and the entrance fee into all sites and attractions



Student must have valid passport



Passion Conference in Atlanta Georgia - Class of 2019


Passion 2019, a ministry of 268 Generation, is a gathering of 18-25 year olds and their leaders in Atlanta, Georgia. Rooted in the confession of Isaiah 26:8, Passion exists to glorify God by uniting students in worship, prayer, and justice for spiritual awakening in this generation. From its start in 1995, the passion movement has had a singular mission- calling students from campuses across the nation and around the world to live for what matter most. We will leave the morning of Jan. 2 and return the evening of Jan. 5. The cost is approximately $500 (based on the number of registrants; more details later) which includes the conference, hotel and transportation. For more info please visit The Passion website.


Faculty contact:

Stephen Curry, LRCA Choir Director


Open to:

Students in Grade 12



4 days


Dates of travel:

January 2-5, 2018


Approximate Cost:




Conference fee, hotel and transportation. Students buy their own meals.



J Term Courses


J-Term will begin on January 3 and end January 10.  Regular classes resume January 11. With the exception of one or two full day class offerings students will select two classes for J-Term, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Students will request classes in Renweb, similar to registering for regular classes according to the assigned day.  See below for deadlines and contact information. The booklet will contain more detail.



2019 J-term Handbook

J Term Internships

J-Term Internships are now open for students in grades 10-12.  Students must apply for internships online and be approved before being accepted into the Internship Program. Students are not permitted to intern an immediate family member (i.e. mother or father).  Submit application for internships here.




Founded in 1994, DSG offers a unique "playbook" approach to sales enablement within the $70+ billion corporate training industry.  The company serves a diverse, blue-chip customer base across six core vertical including Technology, Business Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecommunications and Financial Services.  DSG provides comprehensive integrated solutions serving a wide variety of client needs including: sales transformation, playbook development, training, vPlaybook web application subscriptions, creative services including video translation/conversion services and customer facing tools.  We are viewed by clients as an accelerator that bridges the divide between business strategy and customer engagement, between marketing strategy and sale execution, and between branding and customer conversations.


DSG is excited to partner with LRCA to provide students an opportunity to learn more about business.  Students will receive an introduction to finance, marketing, sales, operations, consulting, training, solution development and creative services job functions.  We’ll leverage a collaborative learning environment where students can ask questions and interact with leaders from across the DSG team. Our goal is for students to gain further insight into the type of work they may want to pursue in a future business career.


There are 4 positions open to 11th and 12th grade students.


If interested, apply at



Arkansas Game and Fish Commission


The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission plays an important role in keeping The Natural State true to its name. During the last 100 years, the agency has overseen the protection, conservation and preservation of various species of fish and wildlife in Arkansas.  The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) manages wildlife and natural habitat and sets hunting, fishing, and trapping regulations. It works with public, private, local, state, and federal groups to enhance conservation efforts and educate the public about the importance of healthy wildlife populations and their habitats.


Interns will learn about the essential parts of ensuring healthy wildlife populations. Agency programs are geared toward the public and generate awareness of ethical and sound management principles. These include educational programs, fishing and hunting regulations and  environmental awareness. Interns will learn that working with people is just as important a factor in managing wildlife as any other.


The most widely recognized people at the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission are wildlife biologists, fisheries biologist, education coordinators and wildlife officers.


Select Opportunities

There are 8 intern positions open in fisheries, wildlife, enforcement and education divisions.


To apply, Contact Mr. Salman



Stone Ward

Stone Ward, a Little Rock-based full-service advertising agency, is once again open for three LRCA Jan Term interns. Stone Ward works with some of the most recognized brands in the country, so interns will learn and see the daily processes around what it takes to support the marketing needs of national and local brands in the following departments.

One intern per department:

  • Public Relations/Media Relations - with Dana Dussing Berry
  • Creative - with Danny Koteras and Chris Kindrick
  • Social Media - with Ashley Steele

To Apply: Contact Mr. Salman



Baptist Hospital

Baptist Hospital  will accept up to 20 students. Students are required to attend an Orientation/Interview meeting with Mr. Jim Gibbons (CVM - Volunteer Services Manager) in the first two weeks of November on a date and time to be announced.  



  • A mandatory TB skin test and flu shot will be required
  • Students must purchase a volunteer uniform (scrubs).

Areas include:

  • Nursing Units, Patient Care areas
  • Office Settings
  • Guest Relations Areas - usually escorting families to various locations within the hospital
  • (Possibly) Physical Therapy
  • (Possibly) a group volunteer activity where they can put together assembly line packets


Next Gen Engagement


Family Life

Family Life-Young, old, rich, poor, no matter your demographic, nothing has shaped you more than your family and the relationships around you. At FamilyLife we believe that there is no more strategic and impactful place to try and engage people with the hope of Jesus than in the area of family and relationships. We exist so that one day, every home, will be a godly home.

But we are at a crossroads. Once on the cutting edge of engaging marriages and families, we are realizing that we are not reaching the young families and relationships today. The challenges are unique and the opportunities are great. We need your help to engage with relevance, compassion, and biblical truth. Come intern with FamilyLife and help shape the future of this ministry!


  • Senior only

  • Heart for Jesus - desire to grow in intimacy with Jesus and a desire to combine their faith with their work

  • Experience (not an expert) using Adobe Photoshop and Indesign

  • Some experience (or study) in social media/web marketing

  • Driven and self motivated

  • Humble and Teachable

Potential job duties

  • Create graphics for social media, print material, and web for different audiences (middle aged audience, and 18-25 year old)

  • Create the 2019 social media strategy (with the intern coordinator) for FamilyLife’s Facebook and Instagram (20+ posts created for the year)

  • Conduct interviews with college students (both Christians and not) about their experience and view of relationships today.

Outside of J-Term Responsibilities


Retail Business Operations


Angel's Apparel


Open to 1 female 11 or 12 grade looking to learn the business of ladies apparel retail. The intern will learn how to open the store, tag clothes and assist customers. Additionally, the student would learn learn closing procedures.  


Contact Angel Duncan @ 501-730-1034

The Good Earth


There are 4 intern positions open for a Horticulture Small Business Entrepreneur internship. Students will learn about opening and running a small business. This will include but not limited to marketing, purchasing, budgeting, forecasting, sales, landscape design and installation. This will be in the West LR location as well as in the Roland area. Open to 10th - 12th grade.  


To apply, see Mr. Salman



Sports Medicine



LRCA Athletic Trainer Scott Caldwell

  • Junior or Senior only
  • Must be considering a career in Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, or equivalent healthcare field
  • Must have taken anatomy, a CPR course, or a First Aid Class or equivalent course work/internship
  • Must be able to attend at least one Senior or Junior High Home Basketball Game
  • Must have at least 2 students interested in the internship together for partner work on taping and evaluation portions of the class but no more than 4 students total

To Apply: Contact Mr. Salman