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Senior Capstone is an independent research course designed to offer students the opportunity to pursue a course of study beyond the typical high school class. Students apply for the program in the spring of their junior year and draft a proposed course of study. This course of study is then review by a committee of faculty members who undergo a blind review of the proposals. Once a proposal is reviewed and accepted, students select a faculty adviser and begin to craft their next year of work. Senior Capstone may resembled a traditional college-level thesis, but students have the freedom and flexibility to propose an innovative business model or pursue some advanced work in the fine arts, etc. The purpose of Capstone is to introduce students to a collegiate level of research and prepare them to succeed in higher level, independent studies. Students learn practical research methodology, organizational strategies, and time management skills.

Capstone Students 2017/18:

Ben Blocker

"Nudge Me"
with JD Fuller

President's Scholar, Ouachita Baptist University

Hannah Cheatham

"Survival Guide to Understanding Income Inequality"

United States Air Force Academy

madison Davis

"Self Control"

University of Central Arkansas

hannah East

"A Short Film on Arkansas Native Americans"

Second Century Scholar,
Southern Methodist University

savana espinoza

"Hidden Truth of the Pet Trade"

Presidential Scholar, Trinity University

erin foley

"Collegiate Preparation for Prospective Medial Students"


JD Fuller

"Nudge Me"
with Ben Blocker

Dean's Gold Scholar, Baylor University

laurel anne harkins

"Man, Nature, and the Supernatural: The Divine and Mankind in Romantic Literature"

Honors College, University of Arkansas

rebecah ortega

"Isabelle & Co. "

AJ Gordon Scholar,
Global Honors Institute,
Gordon College

nicholas powell

"3D Printed Prosthetic Hand"


chris roach

"High School Misfits"

University of Arkansas