Junior High

The LRCA junior high school (grades 7-8) is focused on the whole child while providing an excellent foundation in academic work that is key to success in high school and college.  A variety of co-curricular opportunities include chapels, house groups, social events, clubs, athletics, seminars, and more where our junior high students further develop their unique God-given gifts and abilities.  Core classes consist of Math (Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Pre-AP Algebra, or Pre-AP Geometry), English, History, Science, and Biblical Worldview.  Many electives are offered in the areas of World Languages, Theatre, Choir, Band, Orchestra, Art, STEM, Physical Education, and Athletics.  

“I love that our building is strictly for adolescents who are beginning their road toward becoming courageous godly men and women.  Within this house, they are paired with strong faculty mentors and disciple makers.”  - Tyler Eatherton, Middle School and Junior High Principal