Learner Services

As an independent, private, Christian, college-preparatory school, LRCA strives to meet the needs of whole families. Learner Services provides support for students in the regular classroom. We provide limited accommodations for qualifying students, but do not follow public school IEPs/504 plans. We generate our own accommodation plans based on what we feel we can reasonably provide at LRCA.

What Learner Services does:

  • Provides organizational tools and encouragement

  • Teaches and reinforces study skills

  • Works as an educational team with families and classroom teachers

  • Provides accommodations through accommodation plans, based on the needs of individual students

  • Equips students to take responsibility for their learning

Admission to Learner Services:

  • Referral is made by parent, teacher or student (grades 6 and above) and must be agreed upon by parent

  • In grades 1-3, no testing is required

  • In grades 4-5, no testing is required, but if a student has been enrolled in LS for more than 2 years, testing may be recommended to the family

  • In grades 6 and above, students must have a diagnosed Learning Disability in order to enroll in Academic Guidance. Accommodations are provided for students with a diagnosis of ADHD if desired. For students with an anxiety diagnosis, enrollment in Academic Guidance is evaluated on a case by case basis and as openings allow

***Exceptions may be made to these policies by the Director of Learner Services

Please contact Andrea Ragsdale, Director of Learner Services, if you have any questions regarding our program.

What services are available in each grade?

Learner Services supports students in the regular classroom in grades 1-5. This support is implemented in a variety of ways, depending on grade level. Students in grades 6-12 are serviced through a scheduled study hall. All accommodations are determined by the LS team and Director of Learner Services. Our goal is to move students towards independence to the best of their ability.