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Learner Services

Defining Learner Services

As an independent, private, Christian, college-preparatory school, LRCA strives to meet the needs of whole families. Learner Services provides support for students in the regular classroom. We provide limited accommodations for qualifying students, but do not follow public school IEPs/504 plans. We generate our own accommodation plans based on what we feel we can reasonably provide at LRCA.

What Learner Services can do:
Provide organizational tools and encouragement
Teach and reinforce study skills
Work as an educational team with families and classroom teachers
Provide limited accommodations through accommodation plans, based on the needs of individual students
Equip students to take responsibility for their learning

What Learner Services cannot do:
Provide additional study guides
Plan for or pull assignments when students are absent
Change the sequence or flow of a class, including the scheduling of tests, with the exception of semester exams
Serve as a reminder service for missing assignments
Complete planners for students or help them pack up at the end of the day
Manage homework or provide one-on-one tutoring
Manage make-up work or assignments students must re-do for teachers

Should you desire to hire a private tutor, we can provide you with a few names of people you may want to consider.

For additional information please contact Andrea Trieschmann, the Director of Learner Services,

Student Roles/ Parent Roles


  • Give their best effort in all classes
  • Initiate contact with teachers to ask for additional help when needed
  • Complete planners each day
  • Keep up with assignments and test schedules
  • Complete homework prior to returning to school the following day
  • Maximize use of information posted online (6-12th)
  • Bring all needed materials with them when meeting with LS faculty


  • Monitor student grades online
  • Help establish good study habits at home, and provide a less distracting environment for homework
  • Hold students responsible for completion of assignments and maintaining grades within a reasonable range for that individual
  • Communicate with the classroom teacher regarding any classroom concerns
  • Monitor and hold students accountable for homework assignments
  • Provide any testing to LRCA pertinent to a student’s learning differences if accommodations are desired

***Exceptions may be made to these policies by the Director of Learner Services

Admission to Learner Services

Admission to Learner Services:

  • Referral is made by parent, teacher or student (grades 6 and above) and must be agreed upon by parent.
  • In grades K-3, no testing is required.
  • In grades 4-5, no testing is required, but if a student has been enrolled in LS for more than 2 years, testing will be recommended to the family.
  • In grades 6 and above, students need to have current testing on file in order to participate in LS (exception clause at bottom of page).

Transitioning out of Learner Services:

  • If a student makes all A’s and B’s for two consecutive grading periods, they may be considered for transitioning out of LS, based on the demand and waiting list for LS (6th grade and above).
  • Based on review by the Director of Learner Services and the LS team, if a student exhibits they can be successful on their own, they may be transitioned out of LS.

Students with a diagnosis of mild ADHD, who are capable of being successful in the classroom independently, may be transitioned out of LS on a case-by-case basis.

***Exceptions may be made to these policies by the Director of Learner Services

What our Faculty provides

Learner Services Faculty:


Learner Services to Teacher

  • Provide accommodation plans for students in Learner Services or students not in Learner Services but have a current psychological evaluation on file (with parents’ permission)
  • Discuss and explain accommodations when needed
  • Discuss and explain the student’s learning difficulties
  • Help provide resources for teaching to all types of learning styles
  • Communicate any concerns

Learner Services to Students

  • Help equip students for academic success (review/help organize materials for upcoming tests)
  • Discuss grades/assignments with students
  • Help students get classroom notes if notes are incomplete
  • Teach study strategies and planner management
  • Help monitor grades

Learner Services to Parents

  • Communicate, organize, and discuss their child’s learning differences and agree on an accommodation plan
  • Make available a copy of the student’s accommodation plan
  • Communicate throughout the year concerning grades/assignments
  • Inform parents of the guidelines (current psychological evaluation within the past 3 years) for special testing with ACT and College Board
  • Provide resources for parents (names of tutors, psychological examiners, etc…)
  • Suggest ways to help child at home with organization and assignments
  • Ask permission of parents to share testing with classroom teachers (teachers sign a confidentiality page)


Classroom teacher:


Teacher to Student

  • Know their students who have learning differences
  • Implement approved accommodations in the classroom
  • Understand and consider their students’ learning styles- Visual learners, Auditory learners, or Kinesthetic & Tactile learners
  • Communicate with students and parents regarding a student's progress or struggles
  • Understand that students with Learning Differences may have different learning needs than other students

Teacher to Learner Services faculty

  • Provide LS with study guides (if one has been given to entire class), and notes (if available)
  • Allow LS faculty to chunk tests and break them up over more than one day as needed (tests should be completed within a week from the original testing date) HS only
  • Make sure all lesson plans and homework are updated weekly (6-12th)
  • Provide LS personnel with the test and answer key at least two days before the test will be given. HS only
  • Inform LS if a student begins to fail
  • Inform LS of any new or altered needs

Teacher to Parents

  • Post handouts online if possible
  • If a student is performing poorly in class make contact with the parents
  • Make sure lesson plans and homework assignments are updated weekly
  • Communicate with parents at the beginning of school and during any formal conferences that you are aware of the students’ accommodations and are implementing them as needed
  • Ask the parent for advice on how to best help their child (they know what has and has not worked in the past)

Learner Services supports students in the regular classroom in grades K-5. This support is implemented in a variety of ways, depending on grade level. Students in grades 6-10 are serviced through a scheduled study hall. Students in grades 11-12 are given the option of being served via a scheduled study hall.

All accommodations are determined by the LS team and Director of Learner Services. Our goal is to move students towards independence to the best of their ability. The maximum fee a family will pay for a single student in LS is $135/month.

***Exceptions may be made to these policies by the Director of Learner Services

Elementary & Middle School

Elementary Learning Services Fees:

Kindergarten Fees: $135/month
The emphasis in Kindergarten services is on phonemic awareness and in helping students prepare for reading.

Grades 1-3 Fees: $135/month
Learner Services is primarily a service to provide intervention. Our goal is to help students get up to speed, or at least close the gap, in areas of deficit. We do not diagnose students with any disability or learning difference but may recommend testing based on observations in the classroom or in small group work. Intervention may or may not include the work being completed in the regular classroom. Students will either be pulled out from the regular classroom or pulled over to receive services. Handwriting instruction is also available for $50/month.

Grades 4-6 Fees: $135/month
LS works with the classroom teacher to provide support primarily in the classroom. Students are assisted with work from their regular classroom. If a student continues to show deficits, testing may be recommended.

In fifth grade, a morning math class is available on a limited basis. Morning math meets Monday through Thursday at 7:30 am and is part of the Learner Services program. In it, deficit skills are reviewed and new material is pre-taught to prepare students for upcoming math concepts.

***Exceptions may be made to these policies by the Director of Learner Services

Junior High

Junior High Learner Services - Grades 7-8 Fee: $135/month

Learner Services is provided through a scheduled study hall. Learner Services functions primarily as an organizational instruction time and teaches students how to manage study habits, stay organized, and keep up with assignments. Some test preparation is included in the service but is viewed as support rather than the primary source for studying.

A morning math class is offered for students and available on a limited basis. Morning math meets Monday through Thursday at 7:30 am and is part of the Learner Services program. In it, deficit skills are reviewed and new material is pre-taught to prepare students for upcoming math concepts.

* A diagnosed learning disability is required to participate in Learner Services in grades 7-12. Testing must be within 3 years in order to be considered current.

***Exceptions may be made to these policies by the Director of Learner Services

High School

High School 9-12th Grade Learner Services:

Grades 9-10 Fee: $135/month
LS is provided primarily through a scheduled study hall. Ninth and tenth grade students who receive services are required to have a study hall.

Grades 11-12 Fee: $85-$135/month
Eleventh and twelfth graders are recommended to have a scheduled study hall in LS, but are not required to do so. Those who use LS for occasional drop-ins and testing, are charged the $85 fee. For those students who elect to have LS as a study hall, they are charged $135.

***Exceptions may be made to these policies by the Director of Learner Services

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