Middle School

The middle school years (grades 5-6) are characterized by growth and change, and our experienced faculty understands the specific needs of developing adolescents.  Teaching, understanding, and nurturing the whole child are critical to helping students navigate this stage of development.  Taking these into consideration, the middle school schedule is constructed to provide advisory time each day for students to build community with teachers and each other through academic and spiritual support.  Goals for students include helping them gain independence as thinkers and learners, and recognize failures and struggles as an opportunity for growth.  Students pursue mastery of core subject areas (Math, Science, History, English, and Biblical Foundations) while also being challenged to integrate all knowledge through a Christ-centered worldview.  Enrichment classes include Band, Orchestra, Choir, Technology, STEM, Theatre, Art, and Physical Education.

“We have such a loving and supportive staff here to help students navigate challenges, encourage them when things are hard, and nudge them toward independent thinking, learning, and growth.”  - LeAnn Murry, Middle School and Junior High Assistant Principal