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Middle School Dress Code

General: All clothing must be modest and appropriate for school. Modest means the clothing is loose fitting and covers the body according to directions and in a manner that does not show the student’s torso.

Enforcement: School administration has the final word for student appearance for all school events and reserves the right to change any of the dress code at any time.

Required Uniform:  The required shirt is a gray middle school t-shirt.  This shirt, purchased from the Warrior Wear Store, can be worn on Friday.  It is required for field trips and other designated days.

Pants, shorts, and jeans: Uniform pieces are to be in good condition, free from rips, holes, frays, bleached areas, and tears. Pants, shorts, and jeans are expected to be worn at the waist without being oversized or too tight. Knit pants, form fitting pants, jeggings, sleeping pants, athletic pants, scrubs, or similar wear are not appropriate.

Shirts: Uniform pieces are expected to fit correctly, without being oversized, too tight, or worn as jackets, and be in good condition, free from rips, holes, and tears. All shirts should have a collar. If a shirt has an emblem other than the LRCA emblem, it must be no larger than a half-dollar. Either an undershirt or an outer-shirt must be tucked in. If an undershirt is not worn, the outer shirt must be tucked in.

Hoodies, hooded jackets, and sweatshirts:  Hoodies, hooded jackets, and sweatshirts may have no logo other than LRCA.

Face Coverings (Boys & Girls):

  • Face coverings should cover mouth and nose, fit under the chin, and secure snugly against the sides of the face.
  • Any color or pattern is acceptable, but as with all clothing, it should not have lettering or messages other than school or college logos. No political messages are permitted.