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welcome new families

New Student Events by grade level

Each grade K-8 has an "Ambassador" family serving as an excellent resource for new students and their families.  Our goal is for new students to start school having already met a few friends.  The Ambassador moms and dads are also great resources for new Warrior parents and are ready to help as needed.


  • Kindergarten: Mandy Watson
  • Grade 1 Girls: Brooke Glover /July 24 at Painted Pig, 4:00pm
  • Grade 1 Boys: Meredith Miller/ August 6 at Yogurt Mountain
  • Grade 2 Girls: Amy Peeples/ July 25 at 8 Degree, 4:00pm
  • Grade 2 Boys: Monique Overton
  • Grade 3 Girls: Chelsea Welhinda
  • Grade 3 Boys: Meghan Griffith/ July 18 at Yogurt Mountain
  • Grade 4 Girls: Brandy Tarini/ July 12 at the Tarini Farm, 2:00pm
  • Grade 4 Boys: Heather Patterson/ August 6 at the Patterson Home (pool party)

Middle School

  • Grade 5 Girls: Natalie Shelley/ July 31 at Aberdeen Pool, 6:30pm
  • Grade 5 Boys: Sydney Ezell/ August 1 Pizza Party, 5:30pm
  • Grade 6 Girls: Leigh Ann Horton/ August 3 at Yogurt Mountain, 11:30am
  • Grade 6 Boys: Alice Rogers/ July 25 at the Rogers Home, 4:00pm

Junior High

  • Grades 7 and 8 combined: Candice Whitlock & Jill Martin/ August 7 at Yogurt Mountain, 4:00pm

High School Students

The Director of Student Life and Student Orientation Staff (SOS) look forward to hosting all new high school students to party on Tuesday, August 14 from 6:00pm - 7:00pm in the High School Commons.   Then, plan on staying for the High School's Annual "Back to School Bash" starting at 7:00pm.

Find answers to most of your other questions on the "Back to School" page of the lrca website: