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NEW! High School Group Guitar Registration 2022/23

We are excited to see your child in Fine Arts Academy classes! 

Tuition and supply fees for music lessons are added to a family's LRCA account.

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HS Group Guitar Lessons:

Class Size Limited
Guitar lessons are offered as small group (8-10 students) and are currently available for high school beginners only.  Each student receives individual and group instruction in a fun, no-pressure environment!  Lessons occur weekly for 40 minutes on the same day and time each week. 
Instructor: Mr. Travis Kaye
Students will learn:
  • how to tune the guitar
  • knowledge of open position chords (C, A, G, E, D, A minor, E minor, etc.) 
  • intro to barre and power chords 
  • basic strumming technique 
  • intro to major and pentatonic scales
  • learn about popular resources for finding chords and tablature to your favorite songs
Students must bring their own steel string or nylon string acoustic guitar.  (No electric or bass guitars)
Tuition: $22/lesson - billed to LRCA account
Registration Fee: $25 (paid now)
** Please read the Fine Arts Academy policies before registering.  If you have any questions, please contact
NEW! HS BEGINNING GROUP GUITAR: Registration Fee $25 requiredTuition for beginner group lessons is $22/lesson and is billed monthly to LRCA account.
Tuition for beginner group lessons is $22/lesson and is billed monthly to LRCA account.

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