"Corseted Continuity" by Sydney Schmitt


For this piece, I was looking at how the pattern of the love of beauty has shown itself throughout history, and I thought of corsets. This garment originated in the 1500s as a way of shaping women into a desired figure and has stuck around since. They have become popular again now as a clothing item, however, they are less restrictive and mostly for the fashion. The ideas surrounding corsets have changed slightly, however one thing has stayed the same: all of the people who wore them were looking at the beauty that the corset could bring them.

To create this piece, I researched corsets and found reference photos that I saved and worked off of. I then added in my people. I incorporated in the glowing line seen as a representation of time and how it connects time periods and also allows for patterns to develop through history.

I created this piece with an Ipad and an Apple Pencil, and I chose to do this piece digitally because another pattern that shows up throughout history is humanity's push for innovation. The Ipad and Apple Pencil are examples of what humans have achieved from this continual push for innovation.

Sydney Schmitt, Class of 2022

AP Studio Art & Design: Sustained Investigation Project


  • New Media