Mushroom Shelf by Kylie Robinson


I wanted to get a feeling of fun but also calm, like when you're in a field with friends. To do this, I used green to color the shelves and added the sky as a background and mushrooms to the bottom. I'm not fully done but I also want to add some bees or cows to the middle section.

I utilized craftsmanship by using measurements and placing support beam type dividers to the shelves to both add organization, and to make the structure more sturdy and able to hold more items. I also used slotting for the middle board to hold it in place. I had trouble with some of the measurements, as even with a ruler my lines usually ended slanted, so a lot of the times the pieces wouldn't quite match up correctly.

Kylie Robinson, Class of 2021

Fundamentals of Sculptural Design: Structure and Stability


  • Sculpture & 3D Design