"Respectable Yet Unremarkable" by Lexi Strother


The title itself ties into the correlation between the medium and the figure. "Respectable yet unremarkable" in reference to the medium of clay is to say that clay is a very common place material in the art world hence the unremarkable, but on the other hand is takes skill and patience to create detail and interesting forms, hence the respectable. The title in relation to the form is as you can see, is an old lady, in most cultures around the world people hold high respect for their elders because of the triumphs they have overcome to live for so long, but many looks at older people and don't think much of the struggles they might have endured, going on to assume they are unremarkable.

Lexi Strother, Class of 2022

AP Studio Art & Design: Sustained Investigation Project


  • Sculpture & 3D Design