"An Unnatural Multitude of Eyes and Arms" by Kylie Robinson

Artist/ Designer:

This piece is also about arachnophobia because I wanted to experiment with portraying the fears in a different way than my original collage. So instead, I took an aspect of the fear and made a more simple image from it, but still tried to fit the same emotions and message as the collage.

I think that this piece is very strong because of the contrasting lines I made with the paint pens and the cut out of the spider allowed a different aspect to come into play and add another layer of unease. It draws the viewers eye to it but doesn't take over the entire piece. The flashy colors of the eyes and lines were chosen to give off a sense of anxiety and almost overwhelming to the viewer, as it is for an arachnophobe when they see a spider.

Kylie Robinson, Class of 2021

AP Studio Art and Design: Sustained Investigation Project


  • Mixed Media