"Another Day in the Daily Grind" by Jordan Johnson

Artist/ Designer:

I feel like my viewer needs to take from this drawing is not about those objects. As you see the computer and my athletic gear, it shows how I’m balancing everything out. That if you want something you're striving for you can do it, there may be some bumps in the road but it is possible to achieve them despite the circumstances.

The blurry and faded lines show the children in the class, there will be people that’ll bring you down but you can not allow that to define you. The darkest part of the drawing allows the objects to be boldly seen. It’s to show that I care about athletics very much, it’s a part of my life, but that’s just not all of me either.

Jordan Johnson, Class of 2023

Fundamentals of Drawing I: Still Life in Graphite Project


  • Drawing - Black & White