"Boredom" by Raegan McElmurry

Artist/ Designer:

For this piece, I wanted to portray the boredom that arose during quarantine when we were stuck in the house. I used graphite pencils to display that every action was the same and mundane during this time. I used the jagged lines of color to show how on the mind was going crazy and how we wanted to be out of quarantine. The color shows the emotions of anger, frustration, energy, and ultimately compiled together, these were experienced because of boredom. There was a desire to do something, but there was not much to do.

I revised this piece by continuing the jagged lines all the way to the edge of the page, making the focus go directly to the figure. I also added a floor to make the person seem more realistic and give it more of a base and less negative space. I also increased the range of light and shadow.

Raegan McElmurry, Class of 2021

AP Studio Art and Design: Sustained Investigation Project


  • Drawing - Black & White