"Hang My Head" by Julia Blanscet

Artist/ Designer:

After research and personal study of the genre of music, this piece investigates the effects of country music on the human brain and the emotional response that is produced by listeners.

As I analyzed multiple sources of research and previous studies, I discovered that country music tends to inflict depressive emotions and suicidal thoughts on listeners of the genre. Through my process, I played a variety of country artists and found the research to be most accurate while listening to artists such as Johnny Cash and other authentic country singers.

The materials that I used for this piece were chalk pastel and pastel pencils. Through the expressive color scheme and blending pastel techniques, I utilized my materials to demonstrate the depressive and melancholic emotions that are produced when listening to country music.

This piece displays a revision of skills as I focused on pushing contrast and increasing the amount of dark tones to balance the mid to light tones in the piece as well as in my previous works. 

Julia Blanscet, Class of 2022

AP Studio Art and Design: Sustained Investigation


  • Drawing - Color