"Laced" by Sophia Baden

Artist/ Designer:

Laced. All 3 components in my drawing are “laced” with the feeling of comfort.

The books, my dirty black converses, my plant from Trader Joe's — all components of my room & self-represented in smaller objects. My converses are my comfort shoes — compatible with my style, consistent, comfortable, and timeless. The books represent my love for reading. Reading allows me to escape, dream, and resonate with all my chaotic thoughts. It keeps me at peace. The plant sitting on my books is also something that I find a key in representing many aspects of myself: nature, my favorite color being green, home-body, and my love for plants and Trader Joe's in general. A small pot full of love, growth, and green. I chose to heavily focus on shading to contrast. The books consist of many shades; along with my many thoughts. The converses are classically dark and black; consistent and neutral as always. The plant is lighter but still shaded, representing lighter parts of myself. All “laced” with love & home.

Sophia Baden, Class of 2021

Fundamentals of Drawing I: Still Life in Graphite


  • Drawing - Black & White