"Lamda" by Preston Moore

Artist/ Designer:

This piece was a combination of the themes that have slowly been accumulating over the course of this specific concentration of ideas and the abstract nature of creating pieces within this topic.

Throughout the creation of this piece, the concept of natural art was focused on, which is the concept of creating art with little to no preparation. I immersed myself in the concept of creating the piece in question as naturally as possible, and with that concept came the slowly dissolving structure that we see with the triangle and the colored stilts that surround it.

The piece is closely related to the "Out Getting Ribs" and "Deterioration" pieces that I have made previously, specifically through the medium in which they are made (cardboard) and the ideas that are present within the piece (structural dissolution in an untamed setting).

While the piece in question is abstract, it is also meant to be interpreted solely by the viewer and is meant to provoke an emotion rather than describing a certain object or setting.

Preston Moore, Class of 2021

AP Studio Art and Design: Sustained Investigation


  • Drawing - Color