"Maine" by Bailee Jeffus

Artist/ Designer:

My favorite part of my piece is the water. It took the longest to complete, but the finished product was what I envisioned. My least favorite part is the rocks. My parents and I took a trip to Maine last summer, and I loved it. I thought I would use one of my favorite pictures from our trip. I love this piece. I wouldn't change a thing. I learned how to work with colored pencils and how to brighten up white. The only thing that surprised me was the difficulty level. I layered a lot of colors that normally would clash. I darkened spaces to create more light and life. I drove my pencils to stubs burnishing the colors. I overall love this piece, and it was worth the effort.

Bailee Jeffus, Class of 2025

Studio Art I: Colored Pencil Landscape


  • Drawing - Color