"Rhythm" by Callie Workman

Artist/ Designer:

I absolutely love this piece! I could not wait to get started.

This piece is inspired by an artist named Piet Mondrian. He is best known for his abstract pieces. He was inspired by dancing, especially the waltz and the tango. One of his pieces was called the Broadway Boogie Woogie, it was an abstract rendering of the map of New York. And I was inspired by his love of dance and his color scheme.

So while I was researching I quickly sketched a person dancing and added little doodles around them, like swirls, dots, squiggles, and squares. And as I was doodling I thought what if I did three or four small scale pieces just like this, on a certain dance I found interesting. So that is what I have done, I did not choose a certain dance, but chose references with the most movement. And what I have done to communicate movement is add swirls, dots and lines of color (primary red, blue, and yellow inspired by Piet’s color scheme) leaping off the figures as they danced across the page.

Callie Workman, Class of 2023

Studio Art III: Abstraction Project


  • Painting