"Take Flight" by Josiah Johnson

Artist/ Designer:

I wasn’t intending to only express a sense of power, but breaking forth and exploding into the power that I have. And this really reminds me of my gifts and talents God had given me. Most times I try to back down and shy away from things, but lately, I’ve begun to realize, it may seem as if it’s humility, but in reality, it leaves less room for God. If I do nothing at all then how can God use me for his purpose and plan. He has given us gifts for a reason, so it’s time for us to grow break forth and use them!

Artistically I used markers, for they are a media I’m really trying to grow and learn in and learn as much about as possible. I really tried to push myself with this piece to see where I had grown artistically so far this year, and I can say I have truly seen a development.

The hero’s is in flight after having bursted up into his power, as seen by the green glowing from his hands. You can kind of see a sense of confidence yet not overly confident and about himself.

Josiah Johnson, Class of 2023

Studio Art III: Expressionism


  • Drawing - Color