"The Beauty of Nature" by Grace Turner

Artist/ Designer:

My inspiration for this artwork was a photo that I took of a place in Arkansas that had a wonderful sunset! I wanted to capture the feeling of how beautiful the sunset was!

My favorite part of this artwork was the blending of the sunset that was so exciting to do! I really don't have a least favorite part because art is the chance to express yourself the way you saw the moment in the past or present. If I could do this drawing again I would love to, but seeing the way that I did it was so fun that I'm not sure I would want to change how I drew this piece of art.

In this art project, we used colored pencils as our source of materials. I learned through this piece of artwork that colored pencils are very easy to create the fine details that artists want which was incredibly fun! The way the colored pencils that I used were surprisingly different and easier to use compared to the colored pencils that I have.

During this artwork, I had to layer and layer colored pencil to get the drawing the way that I wanted and then go back to either darken or lighten the drawing up. After adding value I then put some finer details in the artwork. Then I finished with burnishing the colored pencil so the color looked smooth and clean.

Overall, this art piece was incredible and I enjoyed it so much!

Grace Turner, Class of 2024

Studio Art I: Colored Pencil Landscape


  • Drawing - Color