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Digital Arts

Academic Offerings

Digital Photography

Digital Photography focuses on design and technology based around Adobe Photoshop software. This class focuses primarily on the basic photography, how to use a camera on manual settings, and photo editing skills. Students learn to express themselves through digital mediums using design and photography. Students will be challenged to think differently and see photography in a whole new light.

Offered in: Fall Semester
Open to: 10th - 12th grade students
Prerequisite: DSLR camera with manual setting. Cell phone cameras do not meet the requirements.

Fundamentals of Digital Media

Fundamentals of Digital Media focuses on design and technology based around the Adobe Illustrator software. Students cover advertising, publication design, typography, composition, illustration and logo creation throughout the semester. Students learn to digitally represent their ideas and use the graphic arts to convey messages, and express themselves using digital media. Drawing skills are not required.

Offered in: Spring Semester
Open to: 10th - 12th grade students

Prerequisite: none

Fundamentals of Layout Design

Fundamentals of Layout Design focuses on design and technology based around Adobe InDesign, the world’s industry-standard publication layout program, used to create multiple page designs for publication. Students will spend the semester learning how to use the Indesign software and will be working to complete a magazine that will be printed and distributed at the end of the semester.

Offered in: Fall or Spring

Open to: 10th-12th

Prerequisite: None

Advanced Graphic Design

This advanced-level, year-long class builds on the skills from previous digital art courses. It expands on the concepts of typography, advertising, branding, layout composition, and portfolio development. Students expand their knowledge of the Adobe Design Suite software including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Students will end this class with a complete portfolio that is presentation ready for college application, and scholarship opportunities.

Offered in: Fall and Spring Semester
Open to: 10th - 12th grade students
Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Digital Media or teacher approval.

Junior High Digital Arts

In this exploratory course, students learn the elements and principles of design, as well as foundational concepts of visual communication. While surveying a variety of digital media and art, students use image editing, animation, and digital drawing to put into practice the art principles they learn. Students explore career opportunities in the design, production, display, and presentation of digital artwork. They respond to the artwork of others and learn how to combine artistic elements to create finished pieces that effectively communicate their ideas.

Offered in: Fall or Spring Semesters

Prerequisite: none

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