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Little Rock Christian Academy


An Evening of One Acts you won't forget!

Fall Play 2019

In Sorry Wrong Number, Leona Stevenson is an alluring, wealthy, and irritating hypochondriac whose psychosomatic illness has her bedridden. Leona's only lifeline is the telephone, which she uses to excess. One evening, Leona impatiently tries to locate her henpecked husband Henry who is late in coming home. However, when phone lines cross, she overhears two thugs plotting a murder. Desperate to thwart the crime, Leona begins a series of calls--to the operator, to the police, and others--and eventually deduces the shocking identity of the victim.


The Importance of Being Earnest is the most renowned of Oscar Wilde’s comedies. It’s the story of two bachelors, John ‘Jack’ Worthing and Algernon ‘Algy’ Moncrieff, who create alter egos named Ernest to escape their tiresome lives. They attempt to win the hearts of two women who, conveniently, claim to only love men called Ernest. The pair struggle to keep up with their own stories and become tangled in a tale of deception, disguise and misadventure. The elaborate plot ridicules Victorian sensibilities with some of the best loved, and indeed bizarre, characters to be found on the modern stage. 


Sorry, Wrong Number

Directed by Senior Emma Knecht

  • Lily Margaret Greenway as Mrs. Stevenson
  • Jenna Johnson as 1st Operator
  • Ethan Ragsdill as 1st Man
  • Carter James as 2nd Man/George
  • Maggie Jackson as Chief Operator
  • Lela Miller as 2nd Operator
  • Allie Trieschmann as 3rd Operator
  • Adelyn Eiler as 4th Operator
  • Mairyn McGilvray as 5th Operator
  • Alex Bratton as Information
  • Emma Knecht as Hospital Receptionist
  • Kylie Robinson as Western Union
  • Lyndsey Gardner as Sergeant Duffy
  • Hannah Brooks as A Lunchroom Counter Attendant

The Importance of Being Earnest

  • Joseph Baker as Algernon Moncrieff
  • Carter James as Lane
  • Thomas Garner as Jack Worthing
  • Allie Mooney as Lady Bracknell
  • Ashlyn Davis as Gwendolyn
  • Taylor Moran as Miss Prism
  • Eden Wilkerson as Cecily Cardew
  • Grayson McCarver at The Rev Dr Chasuble
  • Ella Scheer as Merriman

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  • Annelise Duke - Stage Manager
  • Allison Hatfield - Director's Assistant
  • Clara Bozzay - Director's Assistant
  • Hair Crew
    • Heidi Denny - Lead
    • Emma Hutchinson
  • Costume Crew
    • Kaylee Hopper
    • Brynn DeBruyn
    • Teague Cottrell
    • Lexie Strother
  • Makeup Crew
    • Allie Treishmann - Lead
    • Ashlyn Davis - Makeup Design
    • Elizabeth Sterling
    • Mary Mac Harkins
    • Sydney Schmitt
    • Lela Miller
    • Leigha Heard 
    • Kaitlyn Hawkins
    • Beth Booth
  • Stage Crew
    • Christian Sanson
    • Lexie Phelps 
    • Veronica Ivester
    • Tyler McCormick 
    • Parker King
    • Lawson Wood

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