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Drain Smart Project

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Both entries are collaborative pieces completed by Audrey & maya.

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"Portal of Progress"

Located in front of DSW Shoes at The Promenade

Design Concept: In our piece our goal is to give people a view of the beautiful animals and waters that these drain pipes flow directly into. Most people do not know where these drains flow to, we did not before we found out about this project. We wanted to paint a window to the beautiful waters of Arkansas. By using bright colors to bring emphasis to the plants and animals that live in local creeks and created movement by swirling the animals in a spiral to the drain lid. It is so important to keep these waters clean and healthy, to reduce pollution starting here at home.

"Put in Positivity"

Located across from Sweets on Kavanaugh Blvd.

Design Concept: In this piece, we blended realism and surrealism by connecting Arkansas rivers to the world. In order to make a positive impact on the health of the world it starts here at home. Showing the beautiful wildlife that inhabits these waters to give viewers a real view of what their trash and pollutants effects. These drains flow directly to Arkansas Rivers so painted in this drain is a peek into these rivers. To make a change in the world you must take small steps that will have a great impact on the world.

About the Artists

My name is Audrey Davis, I am 17 and a junior at Little Rock Christian Academy. I am interested in majoring in the arts and am deeply involved in the art programs at my school including being the communications officer for our art club. I am the junior class representative for the Student Government and have designed the t-shirts , tickets, and posters for all of our events this year. I have received 3 awards for my art and participated in AYAA. As well as worked on designing and painting murals at Full Potential, Our House and The Little Rock Zoo.

My name is Maya Griffin. I am 17 years old and a junior at Little Rock Christian Academy. I have always been interested in art but it has just recently become a true passion of mine. I have been a figure skater for 15 years and I am ranked as a senior level figure skater. My art has won 2nd place in the Fine Arts competition at my school. Along with participating in the Art Club’s Memory Project, drawing portraits of children in Columbia. I also have experience in graphic design through my internship this January at Boulton Creative in North Carolina.

What is Drain Smart?

Drain Smart is an engaging public-education / environmental program that uses art to communicate the function and importance of local storm drains.

This central Arkansas partnership, now in its third year, gives local artists the opportunity to express themselves via semi-permanent public art in a series of a small-scale outdoor storm drain murals. The art also serves to educate the public on local water quality protection.

Why Storm Drains?

Like most cities in the United States, Little Rock's municipal storm drains are a direct link to our streams, rivers and lakes. When it rains, storm water flows over parking lots, lawns and other surfaces. This moving water works like a magnet that attaches to everything in its path. Paper and plastic items, grease and oil, brake dust, anti-freeze, fertilizer, yard and pet waste and many other assorted items of litter are all carried into our storm drains when it rains. This polluted water travels untreated through this system before being discharged into our local creeks.

Many residents have a misconception that the storm drains are part of our sanitary sewer system that lead to the wastewater treatment plant, which leads them to misuse storm drains--thinking it's a "safe" way to dispose of waste. When pollutants are disposed of via storm drains, they end up directly in our waterways.