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Spring Musical

General Information


Based on the heartwarming film, "Meet Me in St. Louis" is a rare treasure in musical theatre - a wholesome and delightful portrait of a turn-of-the-century American family. It is the summer of 1903, and the Smith family eagerly anticipates the opening of the 1904 World’s Fair. Over the course of a year, the family’s mutual respect, tempered with good-natured humor, helps them through romance, opportunity, and heartbreaks.

Memorable musical numbers include “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” “The Boy Next Door,”
“The Trolley Song,” and “Whenever I’m with You.”


Auditions Dates:

Grades 9-12 on November 26, 27, 28, 29
Auditions are open for LRCA students grades 9-12 during the week of November 26.

Auditions for the role of "Tootie" will be held January 9-10 and will be based on size.  
Further details will be posted January 1.



Practices are scheduled daily after school beginning January 14.

All cast DO NOT come to each practice, each day. A schedule is posted in advance.



April 4 - 7, 2018



Grades 9-12


Auditions for Students Grades 9-12

  • Monday, November 26 3:30pm - 5:30pm
  • Tuesday, November 27, 3:30pm - 5:30pm
  • Wednesday, November 28, 3:30pm - 5:30pm
  • CALL BACKS: Thursday, November 29, 3:30pm - 5:30pm

To audition, students should:

1 - Complete the online registration on this page

2 - Come prepared to have a good time!  No prep required.  Come and try something new with no stress!


Audition Registration for High School:

Audition and Casting Policies

Audition and Casting Policies:

  1. All students Grades 1-12 are welcome to audition.

2. No previous experience is required, but previous roles and training in dance, singing and acting may be taken into consideration.

3. No preference is given for a role based on seniority. All parts will be cast based on many factors. Primary among them the ones listed below:

  • SINGING ABILITY Pitch, vocal tone and color, ability to harmonize, appropriate range, stage presence, interpretation of lyrics.
  • ACTING ABILITY Demonstration of ability to act; interpret; take direction; improvise and mime; maintain concentration and focus, and a pleasing and helpful work ethic when in a group setting. Additional factors: stage presence, suitable size and look for a part, suitable size and look in pairing with lead males and females.
  • DANCE ABILITY Dance ability: ability to dance; to master the choreography given during the audition; physical stamina and coordination; willingness to learn new things ability to teach others if you have dance experience. Demonstration of stage presence in dance.
  • PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE Demonstrated work ethic in previous roles; lines learned accurately and on time, punctual and present at all rehearsals; positive and encouraging attitude toward directors and fellow actors; willingness to take direction and perform role as directed; no missed lines, cues, scene changes or props; properly cared for all costumes, wigs and hats; erased and turned in all scripts on time.
  • LIFE/COLLEGE GOALS Demonstration of a special giftedness for acting and singing and desire to pursue acting as a career or in college.
  • AVAILABILITY AND DEDICATION Willingness to clear schedule if cast in a lead role; willingness to present a master calendar to all coaches and sponsors in order to create an agreed upon schedule if any activities conflict with rehearsals, tech weeks and performance dates; willingness to return a signed list of all possible family conflicts from a parent or guardian.

4. Although other teachers and staff might be asked to observe auditions and give input in casting, the final decision is the sole prerogative of the director. The cast list when posted is considered final. If a student chooses to not accept a role, normally the actor who was the next in place will be moved up to that role and someone else will be moved up from the ensemble to replace them. Cast members will be notified of the changes in advance of the first rehearsal, or when rehearsals begin.

Casting is not a science. Often a director will perceive something in an actor that is not measurable. Years of professional experience evaluating talent and potential in amateur performers help the director identify this special “something” that makes a particular actor right for a particular part.

Tips for Having a Good Audition

Tips for Having a Good Audition:

  • Stay quiet and do not distract others during the auditions.
  • Make note of any scenes or songs you would like to try (even if you do not get asked to read them). Usually the director will ask if anyone would like to read or sing anything at the end. At this time, you may request to do a song or a scene, and may give a knock-out reading that surprises the director!
  • Do some research in advance by reviewing scenes or songs that might be made available by the director in advance of the audition (usually in the HS Library) Look online (YouTube) for previous HS productions of a show, or order the show on NETFLIX, etc. The theater script is almost identical to the movie.
  • In auditions, normally some of the songs will be taught to the group, then, several students at a time will be heard by the director. At the end of the audition, the director will let individuals know if they should work on a particular song to be heard at the next audition. It is important to note that being asked to sing a certain song later, it is not a guarantee that you are being considered for the role.
  • Wear proper shoes. Take note of any particular clothing or shoes that are suggested for the movement/dance portion of the audition. For example, don’t wear flip-flops or UGGS.
  • Consider attending all audition days. Although it is not required to attend all days of the auditions, it is strongly suggested if you want to be considered for a lead role. This will allow you to see the competition, and will allow the director to have you read in multiple and varied combinations of actors, as well as to hear you sing more than once. It also allows time for you to perfect the dance audition, and demonstrates your level of interest in the project.
  • Again, remember to stay quiet and attentive, and ask to read or sing something you feel you are right for!